Can you miss your period even when your not pregnant

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Yes, irregular menstrual periods are normal and can be caused by hormonal irregularities due to stress among other causes. ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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Could I be pregnant even though I have not missed a period??
Usually if you have your period you are not pregnant and if you were pregnant it wouldn’t technically be a period. If you are really concerned, take a pregnancy test or go see your doctor. Anytime you have concerns about your health you sho…
Is It Possible That I Maybe Pregnant Even Though I Have Not Misse…?
If you had sex 7-10 days after your last period give or take a day, you could be pregnant. That is usually your ovulation time and the most fertile. Wait a week after your period is suppose to start and do a pregnancy test or better yet get…
Can a girl still be pregnant even after not missing two periods??
I only had three months of medical school so far so I don’t know.

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Could you possibly be pregnant if you get white discharge before you have even missed your first period?
Q: Ok so I had started my period on Nov.2nd and ended Nov.6th. I had sex with my bf on Nov.10th and Nov.11th. Every since I have been scared of being pregnant, since the 16th up untill now (the 20th) I have been having white stringy discharge that has just recently turned into whitish/creamy. I know you go thoguht ouvulation 10-14 days before your expected to have your period, and my periods are pretty regular. So i should start ovulation the 18th -22nd. I ahve alwasy had clear discharge when i was ovulating..but can’t remember it turning white/cream colour…I think it might have been a little bit last month but not really sure. My question is, if i was pregnant from haveing sex on the 10th and 11th, would i get pregnancy white musus discharge this early as an symptom since it’s only the 20th. And i know this is the time i should be ovulation to, but i’m just worried because how it started a little earyler then it should. I have really noticed any of signs of being pregagtn.. my boobs are sore but they always have been a little bit, and imy stomach has felt a litte uneasy..but it alwyas has becasue i’m usally hungary cuz i dont eat alot… PLEASE HELP?? .. I’m still young and should be worrying about other things at this point in my life… i don’t need your view on my sitatuion either..i know im young… :S 🙁
A: “I’m still young” is exactly why you shouldn’t be having sex.Discharge happens throughout your cycle. From ovulating, to the vagina cleaning itself. You’re just noticing it now cause you had sex. Your stomach has been uneasy cause you thinking about it to much. If you think about something so much, obviously you get edgy, etc. It’s like being scared about doing a math test when you haven’t studied.You’re a kid. Tell you’re parents. Now that you consider yourself an adult cause you had sex, I suggest you get a pap smear. Good luck with that.
Can you test negative while pregnant even while having symptoms if it is before your missed period?
Q: I am TTC and pretty sure I am pregnant. Even my annual exam on Friday showed that my uterus was bigger than usual. I have been having symptoms for about 2 weeks, slight low abdominal (pelvic) cramping, spotted for 1 day, nausea – especially when I eat and the symptoms are gradually increasing. I have had sore bb’s and day by day it gets stronger. I have had excess “snotty” type cm, which I did have during my 1st pregnancy. I have tested and tested and they keep coming up negative, BUT my period isn’t due until Wed. So is it possible for me to be pregnant and have these symptoms, but it not show up yet because my HCG levels are too low? I hope that makes sense. Any experience will help.
A: Of course you can be! 😉 My general rule is that if you think you might be pregnant, act accordingly, but don’t trust any tests at least until you’ve missed a period. It’s very likely your levels simply aren’t high enough yet, and it won’t hurt to wait a few days and re-test.Good luck! 😉
serious pregnancy question, please no jokes. If your judgmental don’t even bother reading thank you?
Q: Ok first i will give a little history to help you understand.i am 23 years old. My periods are normally always on time and the same. i have NEVER spotted beforelast weekend on saturday i was at a party and i got very drunk (not an excuse i know) and had sex with my ex boyfriend of 3 years. i gave him a condom to put on and he complained but he put it on. After a little bit he said oh sh*t im gonna go, n i said so what u have a condom on n hes like ughh yeahh i took that off a while ago. i guess i didnt realize bc i was so drunk and so nervous having sex with him i wasnt really paying attention. so anyways he pulled out and came ( i saw it). He said he didnt go in me but i am 99 % sure there was a little bit in me i felt it. Now i was due for my period either that day or the next day. so either the 31st or 1st. and i didn’t get it. nor have i since. About 3 days ago i spotted the tiniest bit when i wiped and then nothing and then yesterday i barely barely spotted again only when i wiped. but now there’s NOTHING. i have been very moody and emotional, have had to pee A LOT my sense of smell is stronger, nipples a little sore. i haven’t throw up or felt very really really nauseous but slightly i have felt a little queazy and i have had a lot more discharge then i ever had before in my life. so my questions are… is it too soon to be feeling like this , is it all in my head? Can u even get pregnant right before your supposed to get your period, is it common? and i bought a pregnancy test it says u can take it up to 5 days before your missed period. and technically i am about 7 days late for my period but at the same time iv only had sex 7 days ago… so i basically my big important question is i want to know if it is to early to take a test and get an accurate result?thanks in advance <3the last time i had sex before that was a drunken night with a good friend about 2 months ago and i took a test like 5 days ago n it was negative. plus it really wasnt sex the guy was so drunk he couldnt stay errect so it was in my for like 10 seconds and went limp so its pretty much impossible for it to be from that. so maybe it is in my head from being so nervous. bc its not just like a regular break up, things ended really bad with the ex boyfriend we both go restraining orders on each other and mine was cancelled and they kept his. so by law i am not even aloud to talk to him so it was one of the stupidest things i have ever done in my life! he was my first love and it was the 1st time i really seen n talked to him in 2 years since the restraining order so it was kinda just a lustful moment that should have never happen n im just soo scared that i am paying for it now! ughh n i really dont think i can wait another month to find out for sure! i am petrified!thank you everyone for your answers i really appreciate everyones opinions. literlly as i am typing this i am starting to get some pains HOPEFULLY cramps lol from my period! but i think i am going to take the test in a few mins and if its neg take another in a few weeks.thank you everyone for your answers i really appreciate everyones opinions. literlly as i am typing this i am starting to get some pains HOPEFULLY cramps lol from my period! but i think i am going to take the test in a few mins and if its neg take another in a few weeks.i also read something about implantation. not sure if i spelled that right. but its right before u get your period and u do get pregnent but u normally miscarry bc the lining is too old. does anyone know anything about that? and if so what are the symptoms and if i had that would i still get my period?thanks everyone if i was a level two id give u all a thumbs up lol but it wont let me! soo i just took a test (even though i know its wayy to early i couldnt take it i am driving my self nuts) and it said not pregnant!!!! but before i get tooo excited i am going to take one again in a few weeks. how i will manage the wait? i have no idea lol but thank you all for your help! from what most of u have said i am pretty sure im not! but i just want to be safe and know 100 %. so thanks again everyone i wish i could choose a best answer for all of you!I GOT MY PERIOD!!!!!
A: Jane,First of all, calm down. Take a few deep breathes, hold for a second and then exhale fully letting yourself release all that tension your keeping inside.While it is not unheard of to get pregnant within a day or two of menstruation, it is highly unlikely. The act of menstruation is the shedding of the lining of the uterus. This is caused by the introduction of hormones into the system in advance of the actual shedding. If you’ve ever heard of PMS (Pre-Menstrual Syndrome) this is what it is. That period just prior to menstruation when the hormones are in your body preparing to shed the lining of the uterus. They can wreak havoc on a girl’s system.The most fertile time in a woman’s cycle is one week after the end of menstruation. The lining has been shed and this is typically the time when an egg will drop into the fallopian tube, which is where impregnation occurs.Anyway, it’s highly unlikely that a fertilized egg would find a welcoming home in the hostile environment of a pre-menstrual uterus.Now you’re asking, So why didn’t I get my period? Why am I spotting? That’s where the deep breathing comes in. You are making yourself crazy. A woman’s body is an incredibly delicate instrument. Almost anything can through it out of balance. I’ve known women to completely skip their period because of the type of stress you’re under, so the fact that you’re spotting, doesn’t surprise me at all. Nor do all the other symptoms surprise me. All of the symptoms you reference, while symptoms of early pregnancy, are also the symptoms of stress. And it’s so obvious that you are registering an 11 on the stress-o-meter. You need to calm down.Get another pregnancy test and use it. If it comes up negative, you are NOT pregnant. Those tests all work the same way. They test for the presence of hormones that would be in your system if, and ONLY if, you are pregnant. However, if it comes back that you are pregnant, you need to have that result checked by an obstetrician, because you can get a false positive on those tests. So remember. NOT pregnant means absolutely NOT pregnant. Pregnant means you MIGHT be pregnant and have to check with a doctor. Which, by the way, is not the worst idea in the world. You should go and see a doctor anyway and discuss birth control options. (Sorry, here comes that Dad speach).You’re 23 years old and sexually active. You need to take precautions. Condoms are not enough, although they should always be used to prevent the transference of disease. You need to use something as well, just to be sure that you don’t get pregnant until you’re ready.So, one last time. RELAX. Breath. Go and test yourself again and see a doctor soon. And Please. No more binge drinking. Okay?I hope you feel better now. Let me know how it all works out.The Guardian
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