Can you miss your period more than once and still not be pregnant

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One reason for not getting a period is ‘anovulation,’ not ovulating. If you don’t ovulate then your period won’t come. [ Source: ]
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Can you miss your period more than once and still not be pregnant?
One reason for not getting a period is ‘anovulation,’ not ovulating. If you don’t ovulate then your period won’t come.

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Read this if you think you might be pregnant………?
Q: I would just like to say this because there are a LOT of questions on here asking “am I pregnant” and such.If you have not yet missed a period then just wait it out and take one once you miss.If you have taken one and it says negative, it is possible that it is a false negative. Drinking a lot of fluids before taking a test, taking it any time other than the first morning urine or simply not having enough hCG (pregnancy hormone) in your system can give you false negatives.If you don’t get your period then go to the doctor or local clinic.If you have taken a test and it says positive then you are pregnant. No matter how faint the line is – a positive is a positive. You have to have enough hCG in your system to show up in your urine. Your body does not make this hormone if you are not pregnant.Evaporation lines: The only way you will get an evaporation line is if you wait until after the urine in the test has already started to dry. If you check it in the recomended amount of time (which is usually before 10 minutes) then there is no chance of having an evaporation line.If you get a positive result then stop taking tests. I see people on here who take tons of tests and it is just a waste. One positive is all you need. Don’t spend all that money on pregnancy tests when you know you are already pregnant. You do not need to re-confirm it with more positives.If you get a negative and think you are still pregnant then you can take another, but don’t take 3 in one day! Wait a few days to take another, then a few days more until you get your positive.And if you still can’t get a positive then go to the hospital and get a blood test done. These tests are 100% accurate.If anyone is confused by a pregnancy test then just get the digital test that says “pregnant” or “not pregnant”. We are just people – not pregnancy tests – so please try and be patient.Doing research online is a great way to get answers you need.If you have looked through the resolved Y! Answers and have not found your question then Google it and you will find what you want to know.If anyone wants to ask questions based on this information then go ahead.If you want to comment on it or add to it feel free.If anyone feels that the “am I pregnant” questions are getting old, share your feelings with me.Ash,Blood tests are 100% accurate and if you are pregnant but get a negative result it was a lab error or a low amount of hCG – not the test itself.
A: Thank goodness for this posting. I feel like most of this is common sense. But, I try to remind myself that there are people out there who truley may not know. They may not know when to take a test and what the test results are. Anyways this was good and informative, I think something like this should be posted daily.
I have all the symptoms of pregnancy except for one thing..?
Q: I have morning sickness. I can’t eat anything or something even smell things without gagging. I pee ALOT more.I’m tired ALL the time, and I’m getting plenty of sleep.. more than usual actually but I’m still so so so tired.I get dizzy and feel like I’m going to faint. And sometimes I won’t even be moving.. I’ll just be standing still or sitting still.I barely poop anymore. I used to go like two-four times a day, now I go like once.My emotions are CRAZY.BUT, I don’t have tender breast yet.I know for a fact that I’m not PMSing because when I PMS then first thing that happens is that I break out and have a ton of acne on my face.. and I haven’t broken out yet. I won’t start my period until the 22nd, so I have to wait like two more weeks before I know if I miss my period or not.I had sex 13 days ago and the condom broke, so I’m starting to think I might be pregnant.Do you think I might be? Even though I don’t have tender breast? I heard thats the most common symptom.. so could it just be something else? Or do some women not get that symptom till later?I’m really stressing out about this, so please.. no smartass comments.I need help and good information, so if your going to be rude.. don’t answer my question.Thanks so much!OH, and I have like.. discharge ALL the time.Its like I’m wet 24/7, but I’m not horny or anything.. its just there.
A: Tender breast… I never got that until 2nd trimester. Next, when you get cloudy pee you’ll really know, and honestly, it really so early for you to get all those symptoms. You could actually make yourself have symptoms if you really think you are pregnant. I did that to myself once as a teenager, I even swelled in the stomach.Funny, huh…?Anyway, just get a test.First Response was a great one for me, and worked fantastic. Or just go to a doctor and get tested.But every woman is different, and there are plenty of woman who hardly get morning sickness at all. And pooping…The constipation starts late in the pregnancy because the baby is sitting on top of your intestines. You’re probably pooping less because it sounds like you’re eating less because you’re sick from the smells.Dizziness can happen if you’re stressed or not eating properly.Tiredness can be a symptom of stress too. So are crazy emotions… and really, the rejection to smells and tastes of food can happen because of stress too.You can become horribly sick if you’re worrying you might be pregnant too much, and worry yourself into the symptoms of it.Really, you need to go to the doctor and get peace of mind…If you’re a teen, health centers usually give those tests for free.A standard pregnancy test is ten bucks, good ones fifteen.Get yourself checked out.
i’m having a dilema, i need advice please- women only!?
Q: okay, this is a bit long winded but please i need advice! i went on the birth control pill in march, so 4 months ago. i took the pill when i was supposed to at the same time each day for 21 days then i took out 7 days for my period. i have never ever missed a pill and the latest ive ever taken it is 2 hours late in all the time ive been taking it. i took my first pill on the first day of my period. the pill is called ovarnaette that im on. i stopped bleeding about a week later and had sex without a condom. then the day after i had sex i kept on bleeding for ages after that. i told my doctor when i had my 3 month check up and said it hadnt happened since and he said that was okay then. but recently now im worried it was implantation bleeding! since then ive kept on having sex without a condom around once to twice a week for the last 4 months except when i have a period. i havent missed any periods but im worried that i might be pregnant and am still having periods due to my birth control pills, is that possible? plus ive gained weight and im not entirely sure what a womans stomach looks like in the early stages of pregnancy but i have a small bump in the lower part of my stomach but i dont know if it could be because i havent been at school because i have finished my exams and im eating more than normal because im just at home or out in town eating rubbish take away food? my mum said it’s coz im still growing and my body needs to adjust iself again but im 16, is that right? i also remember saying to my mum that i am peeing alot and i told her because that can also be a sign of diabetes and that runs in my family, it has since stopped but could that have also been a sign? im so confused i havent told anyone about what i suspect and i really can’t tell my mum until i know for sure. i want to take a pregnancy test and i looked at the box of my mum’s ones when she wasn’t around and it confused me so much about so many days before a missed period and peeing on it for like 5 seconds of something?!- but im not missing any periods! so if you could also shed some light on that aswell id be grateful… i havent experienced morning sickness or feeling nauseia or anything like that and i havent craved any weird foods. i don’t know what to do, me and my boyfriend have spoken before now about what we would do if i did get pregnant but i know that if i am showing im quite far along like 3 or 4 months. we always decided that we wouldn’t keep the baby and i would have an abortion and that is what we both want but im worried that i might be too far along sometime soon and then im stuck. im planning on going to my doctors to tell him and talk to him about it but can they test you whilst you are on your period? please if someone could just help me answer my questions id be so grateful and i’ll chose best answer. thanks xx
A: WHOOOAAA Slow down girlie! doesn’t sound like you could be preg but if you wanna check then take a test- by a simpler one if u can or get a friend to. You can get pregnant whilst on your period but that wud be so imposible if your on the pill. Just chill and take the test if your still woried. Peeing alot is coz your not doing much and yes your body is still developing at 16– i didnt think mine was till i saw a pic from 2 years ago when i was 16- jesus the difference is wild!! So try to calm- believe it or not its common to have these worries when you first have sex- no matter how impossible a lot of women get paranoid they’re pregnant so don’t worry- please!! and if you’ve used protection no one can blame you- they probly won’t be angry anyway – just trying to comfort you!! 😀 hope this helps – even if only a tiny bit
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