Can you ovulate if you are pregnant

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When a woman is pregnant, she no longer ovulates. Ovulation is when a mature egg is released by the ovary. ChaCha on! [ Source: ]
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No. Once you are pregnant ovulation stops.’re_pregnant
If you have sex and you are ovulating during sex, then yes, you can be pregnant, since the sperm can live in your body for 72 hours. And if you do have sex while on your period, then yes, you can still get pregnant while on your period. It …
No, you will not ovulate when you are pregnant. Pregnancy keeps your body from releasing another egg.

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Do you still ovulate when you are pregnant?
Q: Do you ovulate while pregnant? Does your cervix stay in the same place or does it continue to move like it normally would? Does your cm stay the same or is it also constantly changing like it normally would? Can you still have egg white cervical mucus if preg?
A: No you can not ovulate when you are pregnant. Your cervix seals shut up until about the 35th week in pregnancy and then it slowly starts opening up again. As for cervical mucus… Those of us who have had babies can vouch that you should never be surprised as to what kind of discharge you get. LOL! Yes, you can still have egg white cervical mucus. This part depends on the individual women.
Can you ovulate while pregnant?
Q: If you’re already pregnant, is it possible to ovulate?Do you still get CM when you are pregnant?
A: It’s really rare to ovulate if you’re pregnant. But it has happened before. You can still have all kinds of discharge though.. You could be having discharge but doesn’t exactly mean you ovulated if you’re pregnant.
No period?Still ovulating? Pregnant???
Q: I haven’t had my period for 3 months. but before that i had irreugalr periods since i can remember!! but i’m really tired lately and sometimes my stomach feels weird, cant even explaikn the feeling! And about a month ago my bf and i had unprotected ssex and all but are you still ovulating if thers no bleeding? could i be pregnant?
A: If you had unprotected sex and you’re period is more than a week late, you need to take a pregnancy test. If you’re a minor your school nurse and arrange a doctors appointment and pregnancy test for free during school hours without your parents consent or knowledge. Could also be an STD. You need to use protection. Defiantly goto the doctor and get checked out for both pregnancy and for STDs.
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