Can you sleep on your stomach when you are pregnant

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You can sleep on your stomach up to the end of the first trimester until the baby is just to big!! ChaCha you know you wanna! [ Source: ]
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Can you sleep on your stomach if your pregnant?
If you know how to flip over when you’re on your back then you can. As far as it being a bad this, I would probably say you should consult a doctor.
What can happen if you do sleep on your stomach while pregnant?
Sleeping on your stomach in early pregnancy is fine. Later in your pregnancy, it just isn’t going to be comfortable. ChaCha!
Can i sleep on my stomach while pregnant??
It would not hurt your baby if you slept on your stomach while you were pregant but chances are you won’t physically be able to sleep on your pregnant while pregnant. Your baby is pretty well protected inside the fluid in your belly so you …

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Can you sleep on your stomach when pregnant?
Q: I am 5 months and am most comfortable when sleeping on my stomach. Is this safe?? Has anyone gotten any advice about this from their doctor?
A: My doctor and every book I have read say its perfectly safe right up into the 9th month. It will feel like you’re sleeping on a big ball, but its okay. The baby is well protected by the amniotic fluid that surrounds him/her so don’t worry about the baby. In a few weeks, when your belly is sticking out a little more and sleeping on your stomach is no longer comfortable, get a pillow and put it under on leg so that you’re kinda on your stomach and kinda on your side. Laying flat on your back after the 15th week I believe is what they tell you not to do.When I lived in Miami, I would go to the beach, dig a hole in the sand and lay on my stomach with my belly in the hole to nap. That was how much I needed to sleep on my stomach. Good luck. 🙂
Is it bad to sleep on your stomach when you are pregnant?
Q: I always have slept on my stomach but now that I am pregnant friends have told me to sleep on my side that sleeping on your tummy is really bad. Is that true? I end up waking up all night cause I am not comfortable. I understand when I get huge that I won’t be able too, but can I now?
A: the only reason not to sleep how you want is because blood flows BETTER if you sleep on your left side. It wont “hurt” anything to sleep on your tummy while you can. Your body will not allow you to when it will hurt your baby. Hence the huge tummy thing. I am a stomach sleeper and loved to sleep on my tummy also, but am now 33 weeks pregnant, and can’t. I highly recomend starting to get used to the left side, by using a body pilow, and mabey a few extra pillows. This will make the transition easier when you can not sleep on your tummy anymore. good luck and congrats.
How to sleep when your pregnant?
Q: Well, I will be 12 weeks pregnant tomorrow and I was starting to get worried. I hear people say not to sleep on your stomach, or your back, sleep only on your left side. When does that need to start taking place? The only way I can sleep is laying on my right side, or on my stomach with my hand under my belly (sounds weird I know, lol) Is it really that dangerous to sleep that way? How far along are you when you need to stop sleeping on your stomach/back/etc?thanks!
A: The baby will tell you when he is not comfortable with the possition you have so you will have to move to another position. But if it helps they sell this pillow that is very cool.You may want to try it.
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