Can you still be pregnant and have a bladder infection

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Yes. In fact, urinary tract infections are common during pregnancy. Thanks for choosing ChaCha. [ Source: ]
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Can I still do a home pregnancy test with a bladder infection??
You can still do the test. Your UTI will not interfere with the results. The hpt only tests whether or not you have the pregnancy hormone in your urine, and you only have that when you’re pregnant.

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bladder infection or UTI while pregnant?
Q: Ok.. I have had a UTI before I can’t really tell if this is one or a bladder infection. Maybe you ladies can help me. I have to pee all the time already. But once i pee it still feels like i have to pee again but when i go pee again nothing or very little comes out. It doesnt hurt or anything. It just feels like I constantly have to pee and when I try it doesn’t come out. I’ve never had a bladder infection before so could this be it. I know UTI’s are common during pregnancy I am going to my doctor tomorrow to make sure everything is ok but does this sound like one of these? Thanks!
A: it sounds like a UTI, although very painful, it is treated with antibiotics and will go away! good luck!
Bladder Ifection and Pregnant?
Q: I just went to the obgyn yesterday and i have a horrible bladder infection but i also have had sore nipples and nausea for over a week i took a hpt and it was neg but it has not even been a month since my last period. my doc wanted to get the bladder infection under control before we tested to see it i was in early stages of pregnancy. i heard that the extra hormones in your body can make it easier to get a bladder infection. has this ever happened to anyone do you think i can still be pregnant
A: I got bladder infections when I was pregnant. My best friend figure out she was preggo with all four of her kids because of bladder infections (that was the only time she got them) deff wait and take a test on the first day of your missed period. Good luck to you!
can you still have your period and have a false blood test and still be pregnant?
Q: I am having EXTREMLEY weird period(s) more than one a month! I fill a little knot about an inch below my belly botton. I went to the free clinic because I don’t have health insurance right now. The rude doctor told me I had a bladder infection and that I am not pregnant. I took a pee test and a blood test both came out negitive. Can I still be pregnant and have a false blood and urine test and have periods too? If not then what is wrong with me or has this ever happen to any other woman before? I am SO scared and don’t know what I should do since I don’t have health insurance! PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME!!
A: You wouldn’t have a knot below your belly button if you were pregnant, that isn’t a symptom.If the doctor said you have a bladder infection why don’t you believe him? What did he tell you to do about it?If you have a false blood test and your period you are most likely not pregnant. You really need to listen to what the doctor said and what he told you to do.
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