Can you still be pregnant even if you don’t have any symptoms

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Yes, u can still be pregnant without any symptoms. There is a TV show about this on TLC called “I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant.” [ Source: ]
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Am i still pregnant even though there are no symptoms??
Well pregnancy symptoms can go from full force and the next day to nothing at all so it’s hard to say, simply take a test. Well sorry to say but you don’t wanna be pregnant then you should have thought of that before.
Could i still be pregnant even if the test says negative but havi…?
Yep. I took a more expensive test that read negative- the First Response one. Then when I took Clear Blue Digital it read positive. Take that one. Right in the morning with the first urine of the day on the day you miss your period or any t…
Could you still be pregnant even though you had your period but s…?
yes you can,i would get a pregnancy test.

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Can i still be pregnant even if …? I really hope so!?
Q: I had sex on all the correct days and i am trying to get pregnant. I know they say your probably aren’t going to know if you are pregnant before your missed period, but i am so worried i’m not. I have cramps like being on my period. ( i don’t get bad cramps) I have sore, swollen breast and a slight darkening of the araoel. (sore swollen breasts are normal for around time to start period, which should be in 5 days) Then again it has only been nine days. The problem is i am having diarhea not constipation. I am just getting over a cold but still. Could there be a chance of me being pregnant? Also if there are any other symptoms that i could recognize at this time please tell. What’s the chance of me being pregnant?
A: You might be pregnant but would not be feeling symptoms only 9 days after possible conception. Most women don’t feel anything until they are 6-8 weeks along. Good luck.
can you still be pregnant even if you get a period?
Q: So I thought it was official, I thought I was pregnant, I remember taking my first test and it was a faint positive, then taking 2 more which were negative, but still telling myself “oh its a false negative” so I didn’t have my period for 4 months, and had gain weight like crazy, feeling all those symptoms from feeling nauseated, back hurting, breast tenderness, throwing up, swollen feet, feeling tired have the need to take a nap, eating allot, feeling dizzy. and then out of no where AF decided to pop out. not a sign to give me just decided to show…sorry tmi but at first it was light pink so I’m thinking ok probably wont last long cause then by the second day she was gone, I was SO excited, and bam! she came back except this time heavier then ever. I’m cramping really bad at this point, not enough to go to the doctor though, and what really sucks about this is I had a scheduled appointment to get a blood test done finally, and ugh she came, any who I guess my question is could I still be pregnant, my period did last 4 days this time rather than 5(normal to have a 5day period for me) so it was a day shorter but still, and I always have regular cycles, and so missing my period for 4 months is really strange to me. I was really looking forward to being a mommy. I pretty much cried allot the whole 2 days of having it, and well there was tension between me and My DH cause he feels or so he says I make it seem like its his fault. which I don’t think I did. it’s just when I told him I started he was like “oh ok” not like those “aww baby its ok” kinda thing…but anyways do you think I could still be pregnant?thank you so much ladies for being SO supportiveyou guys are awesome!it feels SO much better “talking/typing” my feelings out since I can’t really tell him.
A: Google, chemical pregnancy.
TTC..Can you have absolutely no symptoms and still be pregnant?
Q: We are TTC Baby #1…I ovulated somewhere between April 22-24. I have absolutely no symptoms (I know it’s early) except for yesterday I was having some cramping in my lower abdomen (didn’t feel like pms, but I don’t think it’s related…maybe I ate something funny!?!?). My question is, should I be having any kind of symptoms yet? And even if it’s too soon for that, is it very commom to have absolutely NO symptoms during early pregnancy?
A: Absolutely possible. MOST women have no symptoms until a couple of weeks after the missed period. If you’re only 7-10 days PO, you will almost certainly NOT be having symptoms yet. The egg has to implant, and hormone levels have to increase to detectable levels before your body will start to ‘react’ to the preganncy.
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