Can you still have babies if you smoke marijuana

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Yes, you can get pregnant if you smoke pot. If you smoke during the pregnancy it could harm your baby! Keep on ChaCha-ing! [ Source: ]
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Is inhaling marijuana smoke bad for babies?
It is, it is the same for any other age too. No matter how old you are weed smoke is BAD
What are the effects of Marijuana smoke on babies and small child…?
you can assume an unborn child will suffer from any mother inhaling smoke regularly while pregnant…but so many studies conflict each other… …we do know that smoking cigarettes or marijuana during pregnancy may slow the growth & de…
How does baby’s look if mom smokes marijuana when they are having…?
Myth: Marijuana Use During Pregnancy Damages the Fetus. Prenatal marijuana exposure causes birth defects in babies, and, as they grow older, developmental problems. The health and well being of the next generation is threatened by marijuana…

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good persuasive essay agaisnt marijuana?
Q: Marijuana good or bad?: Marijuana and the new millennium Dr. Robert HeathMany people will say that Marijuana is good that there is nothing wrong with it. I along with many others believe that it is bad. Marijuana good or bad, the choice is up to you. Marijuana is the countries biggest drug problem next to alcohol. Marijuana is dangerous to your brain, reproductive organs, and lungs.When you get high off of Marijuana you are setting your self up for a lot of brain damage. Smoking Marijuana even your first time causes you to have memory loss, and permanently lose important brain cells. Marijuana slows down your reflexes and makes you fell paranoid like some ones watching you and they know you are high. Marijuana makes you fell relaxed just like reading a book or watching your favorite television show after long hard day. Marijuana has also been known to life your mood but so does laughing, hanging out with friends or going to the gym. It helps relive pain but deteriorates your brain.Marijuana can cause birth defects you don’t have to be pregnant or a girl for that to happen. Marijuana increases your child’s chance of being born with Down syndrome or brain defects. You wouldn’t want your child to be born with birth defects because of something you did. Some parents are lucky and their children are born perfectly fine. You as a pregnant parent can protect your baby and you by not smoking Marijuana. Sadly there are parents who do everything right and their child still has birth defects. Marijuana mutates your genetic jeans increasing your child’s chance at being born with a Down syndrome or any other birth defect.Your lungs are an important part of your body do you want to lose them?One Marijuana joint contains twice as much carcinogens compared to one cigarette. Carcinogens are cancer causing chemicals like THC or tar. According to Dr. Robert Heath one joint is equal to one pack of cigarettes a day. Who smokes that much and lives a long life. Many who smoke marijuana smoke more than one joint a day. If you smoke marijuana you have a heightened risk of lung diseases such as chronic bronchitis, your air ways become obstructed making it hard for you to breathe.Right now your probably thinking so what it wont happen to me lots of people have been smoking Marijuana and nothings happened to them. It happens so don’t risk your health because it may cost your life.
A: i agree with you and it is a good essay. i like it and personally it true to my opinion.
Drug testing pregnant women? Do you have to sign something saying you won’t be drug tested?
Q: I have only been to the doctor once and I am five months pregnant. I just moved here from Iowa and I have made an appointment. I’ve stopped smoking marijuana about a week ago, but I know it will still be in my system. Can they drug test you if you go for prenatal care at the health department? I’m scared but I want to know my baby is healthy.I have only been to the doctor once and I am five months pregnant. I just moved here from Iowa and I have made an appointment. I’ve stopped smoking marijuana about a week ago, but I know it will still be in my system. Can they drug test you if you go for prenatal care at the health department? I’m scared but I want to know my baby is healthy. Might I add that I don’t need anyone telling me how horrible I am. I need answers so that I can help my child NOW. What’s done is done. I’m trying to fix it.
A: I have a friend that smoked pot all thur her pregnancy in IOWA and nothing ever happened to her. Her son is perfectly healthy. I’m not saying it is ok to smoke anything during this time, or at all, but in her situation everything seems to be fine. And she was never drug tested.
Would you leave your child with a parent who smoked marijuana on a daily basis?
Q: My mom has smoked weed every since I can remember. I know she started doing it well before I was born and it’s a habit that is still present 32 years later. She lives in another state, but spends typically 7-8 months out of the year here taking care of my elderly grandmother. Because I’m not around her 24/7 I can’t say how often she smokes it during the day, but I can say it’s more than two or three times. She has always been this way. Even when my brother and I were younger she’d smoke it in the house. When we were small she would make us leave the room when she was rolling it up or smoking it. But as we got older I think she was more relaxed with it.The problem is …I am 34 weeks and 4 days pregnant with my first child. My mother is supposed to be coming back to town in February or March to resume taking care of my grandmother. I have no idea what I’m going to do for daycare as all the places near my home are expensive ($920+ per month). We simply can’t afford that. I would love for my mother to keep him, if she can with taking care of my grandmother, and I would pay her something because she is on a fixed income (she would definitely be looking for money as she is always trying to hound down extra cash for her habit).My mother inlaw lives an hour away and has offered to come and stay at our house for during the week until we can figure something out for daycare. She just offered out of the blue and wouldn’t take one red cent for keeping him (not that we wouldn’t compensate her in some way). But my mother is EXTREMELY jealous of my mother inlaw and has been since we got married five and a half years ago. I know for a fact she would be offended and would cause a bunch of drama if I chose my mother inlaw over her.My aunts keep asking who’s going to watch our baby and I told them my mother inlaw. They also seem to be intimidated by her for whatever reason (even though they have only been around her a few times). I guess I’m supposed to give my mother preference regardless of the situation. My husband also wants my mom to keep the baby since she’ll be 8-10 minutes way, but I know he’s probably concerned about the weed issue.I don’t think she would smoke it in front of him or around him, but the problem is the smell is always all over her clothes and her hands and you can smell it when she gets in the car. It annoys my husband anytime we go to pick her up and she lights the car up with that smell. I don’t allow her to smoke in my home or my car now that I am married (which was a huge issue for her at one point), but if she’s babysitting the baby at my grandmother’s house do we have the right to tell her she can’t hvae a weed odor?It’s not an option for my grandmother to come to our home because she spends most of the time in bed. Also, my mom rarely comes to visit at our house when she’s in town due to the fact that she can’t blaze up in our restrooms or out on the porch. My husband just doesn’t like it so I have to respect that. So I know she won’t want to babysit at my place either.I’d also like to add that my mom was joking around on the phone a few weeks ago and said although she can’t buy expensive gifts like my inlaws (she seemed jealous once she found out they bought him a carseat/stroller combo) she can babysit. So on one hand, I would love for him to be with my mom who is local and I know he’ll be safe, but on the other hand I don’t want my baby or his belongings smelling like weed.*** Updated Details ***Talking to her about the issue is simply not an option. She’s done this since she was 18-19 an she isn’t going to stop for me. She enjoys doing it. When I was first married we had a huge issue with her coming to visit and smoking in our home after I’d asked her not to. She also went behind my back and asked my husband if she could (because she knew he was a pushover and wouldn’t want to tell her no … although she knew he didn’t want her doing it there). I told her she has to walk around the block and puff if she wants to smoke, but she couldn’t do it on the porch. She did it but a few weeks later told me, ” … and I bet ___ (my husband) would have NEVER told his mother to go out in the cold freezing weather to do something like that.” She’s always tried to make me feel guilty and she can’t seem to accept that my husband’s feelings are very important as he pays the bills just like I do. She’s always trying to make it like someone is taking sides.
A: You need to worry about what’s best for your baby, and don’t worry about what she thinks…. My mom is basically the same way, she smokes cigarettes as well. I hated it growing up and i don’t allow it around my daughter…She has come to understand and u need to let ur mom know that u didn’t like it while growing up u had no choice whether to be around it or not, but u do have a choice whether you allow your son to be around it or not and you choose not. Tell her you don’t love her any less, but those are the choices she’s made in her life and the choice your making is for your mother in law to come so that ur son can be in his house and not around smoke…I don’t even go to my mom’s house anymore, because it smells like smoke. I live out of state and when i go home to visit she knows she has to come to see me at my grandparents or my dad’s house…She may not like it, but I have a certain standard of raising my daughter and she can either deal with it and be involved in our lives or she can throw a tantrum and stay away… For the health of ur son i’d choose ur mother in law, really do u think ur mom would wash her hands and change her clothing after everytime smoking, u will have that stench on his carseat and his bags. Good Luck and she’ll get over it… This is your baby and you & ur hubby make the decisions! =)
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