Can you still have cramps if you’re pregnant

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Yes, you can still have cramps. Cramps can be a signal of a problem or just another sign of a stretching and growing uterus. [ Source: ]
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Can you still have cramps when pregnant?
Yes, especially early in the pregnancy. During the first trimester cramps occur as your uterus is stretching and these feel very similar to menstrual cramps. Also, you can get round ligament pain due to your uterus growing and muscles stret…
Do you still have cramps when you’re pregnant?’re_pregnant
It is quite common to experience abdominal cramping in the 1st trimester even spotting. If you have both at the same time, you should consult your physician as you may be at risk for a miscarriage. Pregnant women experience also “Braxt…
Can you still have cramps while you’re pregnant?’re_pregnant
Hello. Yes, you certainly can have abdominal cramping during early pregnancy. For a lot of pregnant women, this can be one of the first symptoms they will experience. A lot of women refer to it as bad periods cramping without the period or …

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Do you still get cramps when you’re pregnant?
Q: I was wondering if you can get cramps during the very beginning of pregnancy…because if you didn’t have cramps before your period, wouldn’t you have good reason to suspect that you’re pregnant? If you were pregnant and hadn’t yet missed your period, would not having cramps be a sign of it?
A: Yes, you certainly can. You can even have your period while you’re pregnant. My mother and her sister BOTH did.
can you still have menstral cramps when you’re pregnant?
Q: I think I am pregnant. I have to wait another 2 days before I can take a test. I should have my period in the next couple of days. I have a lot of the symptoms of being pregnant. And I want to be. Could I still have menstral cramps even if I’m pregnant? Should I be worried about the cramps if I am pregnant? Could they be harmful for the baby? Help me figure this out.
A: It’s not unusual to feel cramps very early in pregnancy. The cramping could be from the embryo implanting inself in your uterus which is completely normal. In fact I felt the same thing when I was pregnant. Don’t fret….and in 2 days you’ll know 🙂
Can you still get cramps like you’re going to start your period and be pregnant?
Q: I’m only a few days late on my period but I have been getting nasty cramps and have had breast tenderness as if I was going to start and just have not. A friend of mine keeps teasing me about being pregnant and I had never heard of being pregnant and getting cramps and breast tenderness that quickly…
A: i got cramps off and on the first three months of all my pregnancies and the doc told me it was normal, that it was my uterus stretching..i even spotted with two of my kids and cramped and was fine..i would wait tho cause those are also signs that your about to start.:)
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