Can you still have your period while pregnant

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Yes, you can have a period while you are pregnant. Thanks for using ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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Can you still have your period while I am pregnant?
I had a friend who had her period the whole time she was pregnant with her second son and he turned out fine and healthy. Better get to checking with your doctor.
Do you still have your period while your pregnant?
sometimes but not rarely its kinda rare. basically the blood and tissue that some out when u have ur period, when u r pregnant cant come out because its supporting the fetus (the baby) when the egg does not become fertilize (or u dont have …
Is it possible to still get your period while pregnant??
you only think that’s a period but it’s not – really not normal something wrong with your pregnancy if you undergone this – you need to see a doctor

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Can you still have your period while pregnant?
Q: I was just wondering. I was looking through online ovulation cycle. It says you get your period 14 days post ovualtion….I got my period on the fourth of this month and last about seven days… I had sex on Novenmber 21… exactly 14 days. Can I still get pregnant even if I had my regular period? I am so hoping on it. We are trying.I have been nausious and lightheaded lately so I was hoping I am pregnant even if I have my period.
A: Take a test. You’re probably not pregnant. If you are, and you’re bleeding SEE YOUR DOCTOR. It could be ectopic (immediate action is required) or another problem that might require bedrest or medication if you want to go to term.
Can you still get your period while pregnant ?
Q: My period was late by two months , and thats very very unusual for me. My periods are like clock work ! I was not until , and wasn’t under any stress. I was having a lot of unprotected sex around the days I was ovulating . I did a few pregnancy tests because I was constantly feeling sick , very tender breasts and always sleepy. But they were negative. However , both my mum and gran didnt show on tests , they had to do blood tests. But today , I got a very light period. Could I still be pregnant?
A: If you ARE pregnant, then that wasn’t your period. You should see a doctor for a blood test. Below are sites that explain why you don’t get your period when you are pregnant. Any bleeding during pregnancy is the result of something else and anyone who says otherwise needs to be better educated.
can you have your period while still being pregnant?
Q: My friend has taken like 3 test over a period of 3 months and each says shes preg, but she still continues to have her period.
A: It is rare, but it is very possible. I know this because I used to have a bicornuate uterus (my uterus was heart-shaped and divided in half). I became pregnant four times while I had a bicornuate uterus, sadly I experienced 3 miscarriages and one stillbirth. However, during all of my pregnancies I actually had a baby on one side of my uterus and on the other side I was ovulating and receiving a period every month. My husband and I actually had to use protection since there was a chance I could become pregnant on the other side. She needs to go to the Dr. ASAP.
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