Can you still tan if your pregnant

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No, you should not go into a tanning bed while pregnant, try the spray on stuff. Also going outside to tan is bad for you as well. [ Source: ]
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Can I still tan if I’m pregnant?
This is a decision that should be made between you and your doctor. There are currently no formal restrictions on tanning during pregnancy, but please only tan if you and your doctor agree it is safe for your baby. If you do not want to tan…
Can I still get Airbrush Tanning if I am pregnant??
Although there is no evidence that any of the ingredients in our solution would cause a problem, please check with your doctor prior to receiving an airbrush tan. I will only spray tan pregnant women who provide a note from a Doctor.
I am pregnant. Can I still have a tan?
We would not recommend a fake tan for anyone in the first three months of pregnancy. This is due to changes of the skin taking place during the first 12 weeks. Although the tan is perfectly safe for you and your unborn child you may find th…

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Can you lay out when your pregnant?
Q: I am fourteen,and i was wondering if i can still lay out?I would never go to a salon or anything.But would it be unsafe for the baby?i just want to get alittle tan.thanks.and please dont be rude.
A: i think that you can, but be careful!
can you still be pregnant with negatives after 2 weeks late?
Q: if you are 2 weeks late for your period should you be getting positives if you are pregnant or is there still a chance that there isnt enough hormones yet, i was due on the 16th july and still no sign of mother nature apart from 4 days this week iv just had a tan colored discharge, before and whilst i got it i was getting period cramps and also have slightly tender nipples, the cramps and discharge has gone i am still slightly bloated but i am getting negatives!! help!?x
A: It could be you ovulated late my period was due on the 22ND of July and only last Friday did i get a positive a week nearly after i was due,Either get a blood test or test in a few days
i havent had sex yet so thats not the case, but can i still get pregnant?
Q: my boyfriend came over about a month ago and he ejaculated inside my blanket *i know thats disgusting, i washed it though* but he did so to keep any of his stuff from getting near me. and he didnt touch me down there w/ the same hand he did that w/. ive been on the pill for 2 years now and about a week or so ago i had finished the 3 month pack and had my period. my mom made me take the placebos but i usually skip them. and w/ that and stressing out and worrying about the possibility of being pregnant, i think is why it came a day or two late. but mom said that was just how placebos work. after my period stopped *which was 4 days after it started and i spotted for about 3-4 days afterwards which i never do* i started a new pack of my pills. but lately ive been feeling kinda queasy, and my nipples have gotten a little darker. could that be from the tanning bed or are those two things i have to worry about? because i read that there IS a such thing as false pregnancy to where your brain tricks your body w/ the symptoms to think you are. if anyone has any answers to my situation, please let me know. it would save me some worry and headaches lol. thank you.and some of you ppl answering arent helping at all =/ im not worried about being pregnant, im asking if its possible to BE pregnant going thru something like this. some of you mean and one of u are just plain weird.
A: Your brain can be very mysterious and tricky. You are not pregnant. If he ejaculated in the blanket and it didn’t get inside you, then you are fine! And no risk of pregnancy.
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