Can you tell your pregnant by touching your cervix

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Leave checking your cervix for your doctor if you are pregnant. ChaCha again! [ Source: ]
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How far should penis reach for a successful intercourse and get p…?
It doesn’t need to reach the cervix. Sperm are mobile little critters. Just get them as close as you can and they will do the rest.

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please answer i am soo confused about this..question about my cervix?
Q: they say you can tell if your pregnant by how high or low your cervix is..soo i stuck my middle finger up there which is my longest finGer and the tip of my finger was just touching it. it felt like a wasnt REALLY hard like they said..just a bit.but soft enough to poke and feel. it feels wet but im not ovulating and its pretty much closed there might be a slight opening but i dont feel too much of that opening. soo do i have a high or low cervix considering i could only touch that little ball with the tip of my longest finger?it wasnt COMPLETLY SOFT BUT IT WAS SOFT ENOUGHCOULD IT BE A SIGN OF EARLY PREGNANCY?IM ONLY 10 DPO..I DONT EVEN KNOW IF IT WOULD CHANGE AT THAT POINT
A: Having done cervial checks daily when trying to concieve(and trying NOT to concieve) and even into the pregnancies…your cervical position is NOT an indicator of pregnancy. It changes daily and even multiple times daily. Sorry.Time to POAS! Good luck
been ttc for over a year, please answer?
Q: I don’t know how to exactly explain this but i’m hoping to get some mature answers out of it.My husband and I have been ttc for a little over a yr and i think it finally happened! We were having sex this morning and he put his middle finger inside of me (sorry, I know it’s tmi) and he said I feel different then usual and he explained it to me that my cervix it’s definitly lower but it feels about as hard as the tip of my nose. Since the 18th of may I’ve been feeling nauseous, headache, a bit dizzy, loss of appetite, more discharge and whiter then usual and it makes me feel wet, tired, can’t hold my urine through the night anymore, feel full all the time, bubbling noise in my tummy and a tight feel on the sides and top of my stomach. Today I’ve noticed that around my nipples are darker. Haven’t missed my period yet, still have til the 28th but could i still be pregnant? Can you tell if you’re pregnant by touching your cervix? if so what to feel for
A: I don’t think you can tell by touching your cervix whether you are pregnant or not. I went looking for this answer, too. I think you can only tell ovulation by your cervix. Though, your other symptoms may indicate pregnancy. I’d take a test.
Will you lend me your ear?
Q: I BDed either right before, on, or the day after ovulation. I could tell the EWCM was just right. I am supposed to start my period tomorrow. My breasts and nipples are very sore to the touch. I haven’t really had any cramps except for maybe 3 or 4 days ago. Usually if I suck in my stomach I can tell if my period is coming by how sore it is, lol. It’s just kinda sore, like nothing. I am almost continuely having CM come out of me. My insides are really tight and I can only barely feel the tip of my cervix. It is so high, the day before my period! I slept a lot yesterday, and now today I feel myself getting sleepy earlier. I have just yesterday started peeing more, but i’m afraid it’s just AF. My back aches as well. I’m having the same issues as some of you guys are. My period should be here tomorrow or the day after that, maximum. I wasn’t worried about whether or not I would get pregnant this go round until a day or so ago.
A: Well you BDed at the right time, wait until monday, I know its hard, to test. Hopefully by then you will get your BFP. If you get a negative wait another week, if you still don’t get AF, and test again. Good Luck and Baby Dust
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