Could I be pregnant even if the pregnancy test came back negative

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Yes, it is possible to be pregnant and have a negative pregnancy test. Your hormone levels may not be high enough to register yet [ Source: ]
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Can you be pregnant even if you took 4 pregnancy test and it all …?
Your average pregnancy test is 99% accurate, and because youve taken 4 of them, statistically theres a 1 in 25 million chance that you could be pregnant, pretty slim by anyones standards. If your still not satisfied and your mind is still r…
Can i still be pregnant even if i have taken 3 home pregnancy tes…?
False negatives are not uncommon with home pregnancy tests. It sounds like something hormonal is going with your body which may or may not be pregnancy. You should ask for a blood test to confirm pregnancy and test your other hormone levels…
Could it be possible to be pregnant even though 2 blood pregnancy…?
A blood or urine pregnancy test measures the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, a hormone secreted by the developing placenta. Enough HCG is secreted from the 10th day after fertilization for it to be detected by lab tests. Since the level of HC…

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pregnancy test came back negative but still no period!! could i be pregnant??
Q: about 5 weeks ago (April 12th) i had unprotected sex with my boyfriend. my last period started on April 5th and lasted until April 10th. It is May 14th now and i still have no period. i took a home pregnancy test on May 9th and it came back negative but i am still worried because i am not usually this late! i dont know if i took the test too soon and it gave a false negative. also yesterday afternoon i had really bad stomach cramps and was very emotional so i thought i would be getting my period today, but still nothing. could i be pregnant even though my test was negative?? what should i do??
A: False negative pregnancy tests are quite common by taking them too early. I would take another one. If still negative and you don’t get your period, you should go to the doctor. Good luck!
whats the chance of home pregnancy tests coming back negative even if you could be four/five months pregnant?
Q: I’ve took a few tests and all have came back negative..I’ve had my periods in that time… but now my period is late and i’m sorta stressing out … i’ve been too scared to go to the doctors..
A: If it’s negative, it’s impossible for you to be four or five months pregnant. I suggest seeing your doctor.
Could I be pregnant even if my test came back negative?
Q: I’ve had some symptoms of pregnancy this month (sore bbs, spotting) and today I’m supposed to get my period…I went to the ER yesterday because I had a pain in my left abdominal area and they gave me a urine test and it came back neg…they said their tests are really sensitive and it should show up..but i “feel” pregnant…is it all in my head or is it still possible?
A: Honey, of course you can be pregnant regardless of what the test says. Wait a few days and get one of the home pregnancy tests. Good luck!
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