Could I be pregnant, I’m a week late on my period

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A missed period is the first sign of pregnancy you should see a doctor. Keep on doing the ChaCha. [ Source: ]
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Im a week late in my period. am i pregnant?
You need to get a pregnancy test but Maybe you aren’t`t I don`t think you have morning sickness that soon have conception. Best wishes to you. go to the doctor and get the test there might be something else going on. Have you been you irreg…
My Period Is A Week Late, 2 Negative Pregnancy Tests. What Could …?
Hi I was over two months pregnant before a test finally came back positive. Sometimes it just takes a while for your hormones to reach the level that is recorded in the pregnancy test. If you do not have a full period I would wait a few wee…
Is it possible to get pregnant right before my period and no peri…?
You can get pregnant at any time. Including during your period.

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i’m a week late on my period and i don’t think i’m pregnant. what could be wrong?
Q: hi! i’m 21 and i am a week late on my period. when i started, around age 12 i used to get my period every 3 months, although i’m pretty sure that’s not why this is happening. i am sexually active, however i am always safe and rarely have sex (about once a month with my boyfriend of 2 years) i’m fairly positive i am not pregnant but each day that passes and i haven’t started makes me worry that much more.some reasons i suspect that i might be late are:i have been under an extreme amount of stress last month (couldn’t eat for a week and had to take melotonin to sleep)even more stressed out because i’m scared about not starting my periodhas anyone had this experience or know anything about this subject? it would help a lot!p.s. i took a test today and it was negative.
A: It is the stress and while you couldn’t eat were you still exercising heavily?? That could also effect your cycle. If you just forget about it, it should come. I have even heard having sex making your period come.
I think I’m 6 weeks pregnant; period 2 weeks late, sore swollen breasts, thick white discharge?
Q: My last period was December 31, 2009. I was supposed to get my period on January 28, 2010. I had all of the symptoms of getting my period such as the sore breasts, but only sightly, cramps, more discharge, but never got my period. My breast got a lot more sore, swollen, and the veins are definitely more noticeable, and my breast are actually hard, and the Montgomery glands on my nipples are a lot more bigger and almost swollen? I’ve also had a lot of white thick discharge, no smell or anything, just the discharge. and other than that I’ve been waking up at 5 every morning and then going back to sleep. that’s been happening for about a week now. I’ve had one pregnancy test, it was a CVS brand and it came out negative and i took that on February 10, 2010 first morning pee. But I’ve heard some woman don’t get positives until later on. so, could i be pregnant? when should i test again?
A: i got 6 negatives on HPT finally went to the doctors and got a blood test and got my positive! And i find out how far along i am this coming thursday, and i think im around 8-10 weeks cause of my periods. so not everyone gets a positive till late, I’ve even meet women that never got a HPT positive. Go to the doctors, and i hope you get the results you are wishing for!!:)
I’m a week late on my period,and Ive been vomiting and feeling really nausea could i be pregnant?
A: Oh my, guess thats an early Xmas present, an unwantd one too-lol. Congrats mommy. **Maybe you should have kept your legs closed?..Ya’ think?..
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