Could you be pregnant if your taking birth control and have stomach pains

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Less than 1 out of 100 women will get pregnant each year if they always take the pill each day as directed. CHACHA! [ Source: ]
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Could you be pregnant if your taking birth control and have stoma…?
Less than 1 out of 100 women will get pregnant each year if they always take the pill each day as directed. CHACHA!

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Swollen Stomach, Stomach Pains…?
Q: Okay, my stomach is very obviously swollen, at least to me. I’ve never had a large protruding stomach before, and I haven’t noticed it until recently. I haven’t had my period in a while, so being pregnant could be a possibility for since I haven’t had my period. I don’t really remember the last time I had my period, I’m on the birth control where you don’t have a period for three months when your taking the pill. The thing is, even if I am pregnant, why would my stomach be so swollen so soon…? And why would I be having pains in my stomach ranging from sharp pains to menstrual like cramps…can anyone help me out with this?People have noticed my swollen stomach too, making comments on it, so I’m not just seeing things!
A: Abdominal distention can have lots of causes, see a physician. Best of luck.
What happens when you stop birth control?
Q: I need to know about what happens when you stop. How you feel, if there’s bleeding involved, should you have pain in your lower stomach? I was also wondering if the reason you could have stomach pain is if you were pregnant and not knowing still take the birth control? What would happen if that was the case? Thankyou to anyone who can help me! I really do apreciate it!
A: I took the pill for 6.5 years, when I quit it I never felt anything different. i didn’t have a period for 6 weeks, but when I finally did, it hurt really really bad and it was a very very heavy period. I had ovulation pain too and implantation pain. If you were pregnant and you are taking the pill your baby will be fine even if it is for 3 months, my doctor told me that the bc pill does not affect the baby during the first trimester, however if you suspect that you might be pregnant, take a pregnancy test.
(10 points for best answer) Is my girlfriend pregnant?
Q: Alright shes 16 we have been dating for a month now, we been having sex for lets say three weeks, will whatever weekend the Superbowl was. And since then we have done it tons of times.Anyway shes on birth control so we don’t use condoms, and I pull out when I’m ready to go anyway. I am confident I have never went in her, but often times we go right back at it after were done, without cleaning up or anyway I guess haha.She has always been paranoid about getting pregnant but we get to the point where she just wants it so bad she doesn’t even think about it, shes just really wants to make sure that I don’t go in her.So anyway yesterday was quite weird, everything was going fine and I was on top of her and we were just kissing and holding each other. Then she felt discomfort and I moved off her, and shes like omg I feel like I have a baby inside me or something. And I’m like what… she then looked at me and we kind of changed the subject.She then asked me hey if I was to get pregnant your over 18 you could take me to get an abortion right. And I’m like I think so, I don’t really know though why. And she didn’t answer the why part, and shes like well then my mom would never know and she smiled and kissed me.So today at school she texted me during class. Complaining about pains in her stomach like cramps, and I asked if it happens a lot she says no. So I was telling her I hope she feels better, try to take it easy. And then she flat out said ok if I don’t get my period soon I’m taking a pregnancy test. And I’m like ok…Our last conversation she was asking if I would wear condoms, and I told her I would so. This is where we are, I honestly think shes concerned about being pregnant. It just so happens that her mom is pregnant right now so she spends a lot of time looking after her and learning about it. So she would know the early stages…Are these sings can someone please help me out, sorry for the length but I’m in a bad place here. First I don’t want to get her pregnant it would mess up our lives. And second if she is I really don’t want her to get abortion. Although I might have to, because its her decision.
A: It seriously sounds like she thinks she’s pregnant. She can take a test 2 weeks after the time you have sex but since you two seem to go at it non stop, wait to see if she gets her period, if she doesn’t she can take a test then.If you don’t want her to get an abortion, just refuse to take her to the clinic. You’re right, you can’t keep her from going but you certainly don’t have to make it easy for her. I know if i got my fiancee pregnant and she wanted to get an abortion i wouldn’t be the one taking her.
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