Could you still be pregnant

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Yes, you could still be pregnant. Light bleeding that does not stop, with or without abdominal pain should be evaluated by doctor. [ Source: ]
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Your the only one that would know the answer to that or your doctor.
Hie Taylor, Well I agree with your friends in this case, if your boyfriend went off in you, you should have been very much aware of it. It’s very detectable. What you heard is correct, you can be regnant and have your period for the next mo…
The only reason i found out i was pregnant, was due to the fact that i had a period and then had a following light period afterwards, i thought this was an unusual problem (i had no suspicions i was pregnant) i then found out i was indeed p…

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Do you think i could still be pregnant with a negative test result?
Q: It was probably to early to tell, We have been having sex for almost a yeaar now, many many times unprotected and never got pregnant, I have my last period on Dec 15th and since then have unprotected sex at least 10 times including say 13 of my cycle, although i do not know when i ovulate. Do you think i could be pregnant? Im starting to think its impossible cause we have had unprotected sex so many times, and when in the future i really want children
A: It IS possible to be pregnant, even with a negative test result, depending on the type of test you take. Urine tests are determined by the amount of HCG (the pregnancy hormone) a person has in their urine. For some reason, the hormone does not show up in some people’s urine. It is possible that you took the test too soon, or maybe the particular test was defective, or you could have taken the test at the wrong time of day. It is best to take a pregnancy test about two weeks after your missed period and to take it during your first urination for the day because that is when the hormone is the strongest. Or you could try taking a blood test. They can be pricey, but they are never wrong. Best of luck!
Could i still be pregnant if i had sex right threw ovulation but get negative hpts?
Q: So i had sex right threw the time i was ovulating! On the 31st i had a small amount of blood in my underwear and i have symptoms like EXTREME bloating, diarrhea, yeast infection, but i still am getting negatives on hpts! I just did a dollar tree one and it was negative im going to do another in the morning! Do you think i could still be pregnant? And should i be using a more expensive test?oh and by the way i took a first response test on friday the 14th and that was negative too!
A: Its possible. GO TO THE DOCTOR he/she will do a blood test. The price of the test shouldn’t matter.
Could I be still be pregnant even though 2 tests came back negative?
Q: I have been trying with my husband for 2 months to get pregnant. I haven’t had my period since June 6th. I have a few of the signs of pregnancy. I have been experiencing nausea for the past week, my breasts have been very sensitive, and certain smells have made me sick. I’m very confused because 2 tests in the past week have came back negative. Do you think I could still be pregnant? What should I do Next?I usually have a normal 28 day cycle.
A: You could, but I would wait a week before testing again.Better yet, go to your doctor and ask for a blood test. If the blood test comes back negative, you’re pregnant.By now if you were pregnant, you would have a positive. 9 weeks after your last period and you need to know what’s going on.
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