Could you still get a period if your pregnant

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No, you can’t get your period once you’re pregnant. Once your body starts producing hGC it is not possible. ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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Could You Still Get Your Period If You Are Pregnant??
I am the same .. Ive been on twice in a month . Plus i have been on for to weeks already . My mum went through with the same situation when she had her first child . I get morning sickness and back pains .. I didnt use a condom ive only use…
Is a girl unfertile when she gets off her period or can she still…?
Ovulation is the release of a mature egg from an ovary during the menstrual cycle. Please check with you doctor for more info.
Would i still get period pains if i was pregnant??
It is possible to get period pains or cramps if you are pregnant. These may even be gas pains rather than period pains. Some women may even experience a period still when they are pregnant.

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if you have unprotected sex 5 days before your period is due, could you still get your period and be pregnant?
Q: me and my fiance had unprotected sex 3 times in the week before my period was due (he came in me all 3 times) and i just got my period today. is there still a chance i could be pregnant?
A: yeah you still could be, trust me on this one! it happend to me, we had sex 1 and half wks before i was going to get my period, and i “thought” i got my period, but it was implantation bleeding (but for me is was like a normal 5 day period).. so when i actually found out i was preg i was already 8 wks preg
I thought I was pregnant, until I got my period, could I still be pregnant?
Q: I heard it possible that you can still have your period, even if you are pregnant. I waited over two weeks after having sex, for my period to come. I did come , and It wasn’t late. The flow was the same as usual. But could it be possible that I still could be pregnant? In another 2 weeks I should be getting my period again, but i see a little spot red/brown. Its very small, but could that be spotting, or I’ve mistaken it for something else?
A: Hi,my husband and i are ttc, the last week i had pregnancy symptoms peeing every hour feeing dizzy, bloated, sick, cramps on my lower right side of my stomach… thought i was pregnant, took a test 2 days ago but came up N, got my period last night. its so confusing, i have heard that you can till get your period while being pregnant.maybe we should talk to our doc about it, they will know and take a blood test to make sure
Even if you get a NORMAL period, could there still be a chance your pregnant?
Q: If you were to get a normal period, but it was very late and only lasted a couple days, is there a chance you could be pregnant? Just curious..did this happen to anyone before?
A: yep sadly mother nature will fool you. i had a late period but it actually lasted a whole week. apparently i was pregnant during then =]. that was a surprise. it can be implantation bleeding. i’ve known people who have normal periods well into their pregnancy.
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