Did a guy ever get pregnant

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The “pregnant” man you saw on TV was actually a transgender. He used to be a women, but changed into a man. Yes, he got pregnant. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/did-a-guy-ever-get-pregnant ]
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Can you get pregnant when the guy comes in you and you start your…?
Technically yes, but it is unlikely that you can be pregnant. Implantation bleeding does sometimes occur. ChaCha!
Can a guy get pregnant?
Actully I have seen it on Discovery Channel that a man did get pregnant! I mean yeah it would be impossible for him to get pregnant during intercourse but he had eggs inplanted inside of him, and the baby actually began developing like belo…
How can a guy get pregnant?
It is a physical impossibility for a man to become pregnant or have a baby. There is no modern science that makes this possible, even after sex change procedures this would still be an extremely complicated and dangerous process. Men can no…

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Could a guy ever get pregnant?
Q: Would it be possible for a guy to get pregnant, even if it was done by an implantation or something.
A: is this a joke?
When you were pregnant, was the guy ever such a jerk about it…?
Q: that you told him he was not the father to get rid of him? I did this recently. He was so rude and actually mad at me for loving my baby and wanting to keep it! So I told him what he wanted to hear, that he is not the father. How do I stop being so angry at him?what bugs me is that now he thinks I was sleeping around. I had to make myself look bad just to get rid of him. This is why I’m upset. He took off as soon as I gave him the freedom he wanted. But in order to get rid of him, I had to make myself look like a s l u t
A: well first thing if he is being like that then your better off without him you need to find you someone who will take care of you and your baby and don’t let him ruin your experience of being pregnant
Do guys ever get a girl pregnant on purpose?
Q: Cause girls try to trap guys by doing this so why would a guy do that to a girl?
A: Yes. My ex always tells me that he should of gotten me pregnant so we would still be together. He’s messed up in the head though, because he broke up with me. Yet, wanted to trap me. So very selfish men can do this.
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