Did John Mayer say yes

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There is no solid information on the marriage proposal. If she is definitely pregnant with his child though….ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/did-john-mayer-say-yes ]
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Did John Mayer say yes
There is no solid information on the marriage proposal. If she is definitely pregnant with his child though….ChaCha!
How to play “Say” by John Mayer on acoustic guitar?
Want to learn how to play John Mayer on the guitar? With this tutorial you can learn how to play “Say” by John Mayer on the acoustic guitar. This version is a simplified version of the song and is not exactly how John Mayer plays…
What did john mayer say?
thats is fault and his own mess, not mine or yours to pick up..

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Is John Mayer more talented than The Beatles?!?
Q: Today I had an interesting argument with my roommate. Her opinion is that John Mayer is more talented than a Beatle. I have to disagree. Ringo…yes John Mayer is probably more talented. Ringo arguably was not the best drummer in the world. George….maybe, but your pushing it there to say that John Mayer is more talented. BUT, Please for the love of God tell me I’m not wrong in saying that John Mayer could not touch John Lennon or Paul McCartney!!!!!!!!! The Beatles are one of the most influential Pop/Rock bands in the world. They have sold millions more records and hits than John Mayer could do in his lifetime. Please comment on this discussion. Any opinion will be acceptable. I just want to know that I’m not crazy over here.
A: i’m not the biggest john mayer fan in the world,i’ll give him the fact that he does have talent,but to be more talented than the beatles:hell no!
When John Mayer responded in Japanese to a question about Jessica Simpson, what did he say?
Q: Yes I know this is a random question, and yes I do have more important things to do with my time, but I have always been curious to know if anyone ever translated John Mayer’s response about Jessica Simpson.
A: She’s a lovely woman and I’m glad to be with her
Where in Canada could a black-American female live?
Q: I am a black-american single mother (divorcee) of one. Before being exposed to heavy metals and hazardous waste in the Army, I travel outside America w/child once a year. We loved how we felt free to exist, more than out own country. And that’s of all nationalities! (Even this Irish group of people. Some other people felt they were racist and decided to act on it. I was in which one of them from the that group and thy were really nice. She even introduced, or tried to introduce me to the entire group.) I love the feeling of being accepted based off of my actions versus being treated from what American tv portrays. What is being me to this mind thought: my daughter’s band teacher (Franklin Norris, Meigs Middle School, Nashville, TN) will NOT let the blacks play drums. He has made comments to little black boys such as “your lips are to big to play a horn instrument” and laughed at him. Or the his scoffs during the inauguration of Obama. He remarks during black history month was basically that he does know any positive blacks that need to be celebrated. There are all bad then laughs. Here in Nashville, TN, I have been called nigger for accepting a parking space from another who let me in (mind you it was a compact parking space, and the guy had a Yukon SUV) and he ran up to trying to explain what type of nigger I was. As though any form was appealing! After a Borders Book store clerk over heard his convo, he stormed of and cussed the man out. I was shocked and amazed. I want to laugh but this white clerk was furious. He and his manager asked for the entire story and called security on the guy. I was called a “stupid-blk-bitch of a nigger for not letting a car in front of me. Even though he came from out of nowhere off of an interstate exit, ran the car in front of me into the next lane, followed by cutting (again) in front of another car to run a light. I have had a little old lady polite tell me; “cuse me gal. Now I yall nigger gals can see good then this here ole lady. So why don’t cho just reach up and tell me whut dat package say there.” Yes, to all of this (excluding the crazy road range guy) I have had to laugh. But after the school teacher, I don’t think I can take it anymore. Before getting sick in the military, I had a SGT explain to me about black women and voice auditions. He says that black women can’t speak good… that’s why they can’t pass the voice auditions. And as for broadcasters, they have big hips and butts. And that looks bad on the television. Mind you this was a public broadcasting unit. Thus you had to score very high on your ASVAB GT score for entry into that type of unit. What I’m saying is that I can’t take this anymore. At least not for my child. This bigot teacher (Franklin Norris, Meigs Middle School, Nashville, TN) has been spewing off indirect racial rhetoric and the principle does nothing. Yes, after being told, he does nothing.So please my follow neighbors, where would be a science researcher (level 1) blk divorcee, single mom, (dislikes music videos and majority of the rap crap out there, excluding Outcast and Mos Def) fit into, there in Canada??!!??And yes, there are plenty of black americans who love music like, The Veronics, Katy Kerry, John Mayer (Yes, love him!) Maroon 5, and so on. As well as loving music by various other balck artist (Jill Scott, The Roots, Janet Monet, Estella, Maxwell, Prince. We do listen to more then what the stereotypes dictate we do! I just had to make that statement, because my daughter was called an Oreo for her music selection. And yet some of the white kids are shocked that she would listen to techo music!!!! Maybe we should have stayed in Atlanta!But please help! (if you are serious, please email me at: [email protected] my fellow humans!And my fellow Bahais!
A: Toronto is a nice place. Good luck.
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