Did Lauren London have her baby from Lil Wayne yet

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Lauren is almost 6 months pregnant with Lil Wayne’s child. He apparently has also fathered another child with Nivea. ChaCha [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/did-lauren-london-have-her-baby-from-lil-wayne-yet ]
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Did Lauren London have Lil wayne’s baby yet?
no, lauren london is not married too him but he did hav children
Is Lauren London Pregnant With Lil’ Wayne’s Baby??
Numerous media outlets are reporting that Laura London is 5 months pregnant with Lil’ Wayne’s baby. London has been avoiding numerous promotional opportunities, photo shoots, and guest appearences. We are not confirming this rumor yet becau…
Do Lauren London and Lil Wayne have a baby together??
yes they do she have one on the way now NO lie if u dont believe me go check on starpulse.com she had one yesterday
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