Do birth control pills stop you from getting pregnant

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Most birth control pills containe a combination of the hormones estrogen and progesterone to prevent ovulation & pregnancy. [ Source: ]
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Will taking to many birth control pills stop you from getting pre…?
taking to many birth control pills will make you ill. taking the right amout correctly will stop you getting pregnant. this is what they are for. you will not be told to take a dose that is too low to work. if in doubt speak to ur doc or ph…
Does birth control pills decrease the chances of getting pregnant…?
It can take your body a little time-usually not over a few months. Some people don’t need any time to adjust.
How can i stop taking birth control pills without getting pregnan…?
Go see your gyno and discuss other contraceptives. There’s a whole bunch of them. Until then use condoms.

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Do you need to take birth control pills in the A.M to stop from getting pregnant?
Q: Or can you take them anytime?
A: I take them in the PM as they make me a little sick to stomach. Nice try.
if missing a day of birth control pills can lead to getting pregnant?
Q: how does it stop me from getting pregnant when i take the “reminder pill”? isn’t the whole idea not to miss any during the first 21 days? so when you stop for 7 days how is it you still don’t get pregnant? because there aren’t any hormones in the reminder pills.first answer…. that is not what i asked!
A: if you miss a pill one day and you have sex on that day you can get pregnant.
Why do doctors tell you to be on birth control pills to regulate your cycle in order to get pregnant?
Q: I’ve heard this a lot and it confuses me, so I was just seeing if anybody knew the answer. I know some people rarely if ever ovulate (and I myself seem to ovulate very sporadically). Since birth control pills regulate your cycle, but stop you from ovulating, wouldn’t you still have to have some sort of method to ovulate normally? Birth control pills regulated my cycle (but made me crazy)…but now that I’m off of them, I ovulate in just as weird of patterns as I did before.
A: Yeah, you’re right. It’s dumb. Worse than that, it gets prescribed by doctors who are not fertility specialists, because it does help regulate periods. The problem is, when the women then come off the pill again, most of the time they go back to the same old irregular cycle. So all it does is delay your ability to find the real problem and fix it.You’ve got a few possible options here. First, find an OBGYN who knows about hormones enough to figure out if you need tests etc. They might prescribe Provera to jump-start your periods without the other baby-spotting side effects of the pill. Second, start charting your monthly cervical mucus. Google EWCM and read up on that (or go to because however wacko your cycles are, you’re likely to get EWCM in the few days before ovulation. Then you’ll know when to BD. That should do the trick :)Finally, you could also chart BBTs. It’s a little more time consuming, but if you suspect that you might need to visit a fertility specialist in the future, it’s a good idea to take a few months of BBT charts with you (as they’re likely to send you away to do it anyway!)
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