Do horses lay eggs

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Horses do not lay eggs. Horses give birth to live foals. Foals are baby horses. A mare is pregnant for 300 days. ChaCha for now! [ Source: ]
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Do horses lay eggs
Horses do not lay eggs. Horses give birth to live foals. Foals are baby horses. A mare is pregnant for 300 days. ChaCha for now!
Can horses lay eggs?
people keep saying that mammals don’t lay eggs but there are 2 species that do, platypus and echidna but to answer your question,no horses cant and wont lay eggs.
Is sea horses give birth or lays eggs?
Seahorses lay eggs. The female lays them into a brood pouch on the male’s belly. Here, he fertilises them and keeps them until they hatch, when the tiny babies emerge – this may give the appearance of the male ‘giving birth’, but it is not …

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Do male sea horses lay eggs?
A: no they dont lay egg they carry the eggs in a pouch til they are ready to hatch
how do i keep bot flys away from our horses?
Q: i need to know a way to keep bot flys away from laying eggs on our horses and if they do lay eggs how do i get the eggs off.
A: If you worm your horse with an effective wormer, (i.e. Ivermectin products work great!) you will loosen these critters from the stomach lining prior to their ability to mature. They will pass through your horse harmlessly, and end this dangerous cycle. With the advent of Ivermectin, bot removal is a relatively easy task in our equine friends. Make sure if you haven’t wormed your horse for bots up to this point, that you do so 30 days after the first killing frost in your part of the country. No further eggs will be laid on your horse, as the adult flies will have frozen to death. Immediately, after the first killing frost, make sure that you remove the bot fly eggs currently present on the hairs of your horse. This will allow the bots that have burrowed into your horse’s mouth to have time to migrate to your horse’s stomach where the Ivermectin will effectively eliminate these parasites. (Keep in mind that Ivermectin will kill some of these burrowed larvae in the mouth.) This will break the reproductive cycle of this taxing parasite. Once you have removed all of the eggs which will prevent your horse’s intake of new parasites, and have used a boticide, i.e. Ivermectin, 30 days after the first killing frost, your own personal farm’s problems have been solved for the year.a bot comb will get the eggs off the horses hair.
do unicorns lay eggs or give birth?
Q: part bird = eggspart horse = birthand yes they are real, don’t tell me there not!
A: They give birth, my best friend is a unicorn =D
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