Do pregnant females get the period

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No. Pregnancy & menstruation cannot happen at the same time. Bleeding during pregnancy should be checked w/a doctor. ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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Can females get pregnant while on their period
That depends on the situation of each individual woman. There are women who ovulate very predictably on a certain day of… more?
Can females get pregnant 2 week before their period and still hav…?
Do a paternity test when the baby is born. You both sound really young, so if her menstruation probably wasn’t defined when you started having sex which means she could have ovulated anytime. If you’re having sex with her, it means you’…
Do you only get pregnant when the female is on her period??
I”ve heard of the “dumbing down” of society. This is disguised as political correctness, but it is really an attempt to control society. I learned in basic Health and Safety class 30 years ago, that a woman does not get prega…

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Can females get pregnant 2 week before their period and still hav her cycle?
Q: my girl had unprotected sex October 14 had her period Nov 2 we had unprotected sex Nov 9 and now she is pregnant how do i know if the baby’s mines?
A: Do a paternity test when the baby is born. You both sound really young, so if her menstruation probably wasn’t defined when you started having sex which means she could have ovulated anytime.If you’re having sex with her, it means you’re comfortable enough to do so, why are you having doubts about her fidelity?See, kids, this is a fine example of why CHILDREN should wait before having intercourse, I don’t care far into your teens you are.Until you can get a paternity blood test to confirm whether or not the baby is yours, you need to grow up fast and man up to the responsibility. Sex isn’t just about pleasure, it’s about consequences and responsibility. Good luck to both of you, and blessings to that baby who did not ask to be born into this situation.
Can You Be Pregnant And Still Have Your Period?
Q: Months ago. Me and my girlfriend were in the pool engaging in intercourse. It didn’t work out very well, so we got out into the backyard (kinky). After a few thrusts the condom broke, but I quickly pulled out. The condom was a ribbed/spermicidal Trojan. I had immediately explained what just happend to her. I did not cum and I checked for pre-cum and really didn’t see anything. I had retrieved another condom, which we used for another minute or two. Then got another condom, told her to rub it in her, in hopes of adding insurance to the event with spermicide.Her cousin moved in with her. And every female in the house period was delayed. We took a preg. test which came out neg. then finally everyone had their period within the same week.Shehas had her period three times so far. Has had no symptoms. We don’t think shes pregnant. The chances would be extremely low. However she is still worried that she may be. We are confused with the pregnant/period topic, from conflicting answersEDIT:i’m worried about the precum ( if there was any )also her period came a week after the pool incident.
A: You can have periods while being pregnant. All of the women in our family have had periods while being pregnant, until at least the 4th month of the pregnancy. Not light spotting….changing pads every few hours type of bleedings (sorry for the details). However, the odd thing is that none of the women in our family produce milk. This is why it’s been so hard for me to identify if I’m having pregnancy symptoms or not.
Female Reproduction – period vs. pregnant when?
Q: Ok, so I am coming off a birth control method that has eliminated my period. I know coming off this drug it is unlikely I get pregnant until my cycles return to normal, which I was told is about one year. So, here is my question, that is more curiosity then serious at this point, just a discussion that came up. In relations to dropping egg and getting pregnant and actually having your period. Which comes first? Can you get pregnant before you actually have a period? Or do you have to have your period before you drop an egg and get pregnant? Due to this going out to the entire world. Please put down where you got your info. or how you know. Thanks
A: day 14 of your cycle, you drop your egg, this triggers bleeding, usually about day 28 (which then becomes day 1) of your cycle.The egg dropping is what STARTS the bleeding cycle, not the other way around. You can ovulate with out having a period, and therefor get pregnant without ever having had a period.For all you know, you could get pregnant and think that you just haven’t started your normal cycles yet.This is how 11 yr olds (who for some reason or other are having sex) get pregnant when they’ve NEVER had a period. The egg drops first.Having a period doesn’t mean that you definitely dropped an egg, but dropping an egg WILL start your period unless you’re pregnant. an eggless period is called an anovulatory cycle (lack of egg cycle). you can still bleed without an egg dropping because the hormone levels were not enough to ovulate, but enough to trigger the bleed.Where did i get my info…. I did a research paper in my first year of uni that was all about the female menstrual cycle. I am also an avid believer of women knowing their bodies properly, and believe in sex ed etc. I learned all this stuff for my own benefit and believe it’s important to pass it on when and where i can. I am graduating from my public health degree this month, and once my baby (22 weeks preg atm) is older, i may try to work in the field of women’s health or sex ed or something like that. Also, due to the difficulties i had in conceiving, i have done a LOT of reading re: periods etc.
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