Do pregnant women have morning sickness everyday

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Morning sickness refers to nausea and vomiting that can actually occur at anytime of the day during pregnancy. [ Source: ]
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Is morning sickness common for all women who are pregnant?
Morning sickness is common for pregnant women, but not all. For some women, it can begin as early as two weeks after conception!
Why Do Pregnant Women Get Morning Sickness?
・ With pregnancy comes a host of physical and chemical changes in the body. These changes can cause many… ・ The most widely believed reason why women experience morning sickness are hormones. During pregnancy… ・ Morning sickness may als…
Do All Pregnant Women Get Morning Sickness?
・ Women who are pregnant with multiples, experienced morning sickness in previous pregnancies, suffer from… ・ Morning sickness is prevalent throughout the first trimester, with relief occurring around 14 weeks…. ・ According to Babycente…

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Scared to death of morning sickness!!!! ?
Q: I’ve been pregnant for a little over 4 weeks (since conception), and I am scared to death of morning sickness. the whole nausea and vomit part really really scares me. It has not happened yet but everyone keeps telling me it’ll happen. I have heard some women don’t get sick at all, but the book says over 70 % do. If i do start to vomit, would I eventually get over my fear of vomiting after vomiting a few times? vomiting for 3 months everyday seems like a heck of a long time. remedies? I bought a pair of adult sea bands and some people say that it works and has no side effects. My mother said that thing is probably magnetic which can harm the baby. So I don’t know. help!
A: Ok I was the same way as you..mainly because my mom was VERY sick with her pregnancies and I’ve been hearing how horrible it was all my life.True..some people don’t get sick at all. For me… unlike my mom…. I only actually puked 3 times. I have the wrist bands too..only I never used them. I even went on a cruise while I was feeling sick!! For me the nice thing when I did get sick is that I’d puke and feel pretty good afterward. For me it wasn’t like having the flu where you still feel like crap after you vomit.What you need to do is take 1 day at a time… assume you will be fine. If you start to feel sick…keep a bag with you at all times…along with some snacks that might help settle your stomach. Try buying ginger cookies… ginger is supposed to help block the nausea and it really helped me.One of the worst parts of morning sickness is smells. It’s like you have super smelling. We had to change to non smelling soap and detergent.The good thing is..if you do get sick (which you might not) it might be very mild and there are things you can do to help. Also most likely you’ll feel better after 3-4 months. I’m now almost 7 months pregnant and I can eat anything..I’m hungry and feeling great. Just hang in there. It probably won’t be as bad as you think and you’ll get through it by taking it one step at a time.
for all the pregnant women, and who have been pregnant, please answer not sure if this is normal?
Q: Heyy, sorry im nt too sure on this its my first 🙂 but yeah iam 8 weeks in 2 days, an just wondering whether this usually happins lik I had really sore sensitive nipples an kinda boobs and now today its like stil bit sore an sensitive but not were as bad, but like morning sickness has been getting worse for about 4daysnow everyday feels worse is this natural? Did any1 else feel really hot when they were pregnant like I just feel like sleeping in aircon all day is any of this normal thank you heapz 🙂
A: Congrats on your pregnancy!! Tender breasts/nipples are totally normal that’s the first thing that let me know i was pregnant! It will go away soon and then return at the end but not as bad as at the start! My morning sickness went from bad to worse, i called it all day sickness at 18 weeks mine just stopped… i was vomiting at least 3 times a day…it will get better hun! I got hot all through pregnancy, mine was a result of high blood pressure, just keep and eye on it definitely towards the end of pregnancy!
Has anyone had bleeding while pregnant? If you have please help?
Q: I was going to take a blood test this morning, I am 4 weeks late on my period exactly, I have been very tired, morning sickness(not everyday but almost) I have been over emotional, basically i have had all the classic symptoms of being pregnant. except a positive pee test. I went to the doctor 2 weeks ago and she told me to come back in 2 weeks, I have a number of friends who did not show up positive in a urine test till 2 or 3 months along, and some that had period like bleeding. I woke up this morning and I was bleeding, off and on all day today, Its not like my normal period, this is more bright red and actually watery, I was wondering If its possible i am still preg and still go get the blood work done, I read up on bleeding while pregnant after talking to my friend and finding out my grandmother had a period the whole time she was pregnant, and it said 1 out of every 4 women have bleeding! Im planning on keeping tract of my bleeding because i honestly belive I am pregnant, but this is a little set back and just wanted to see if anyone else has been through thisYes I was on the pill before my last period, I got 3 days into my next pack and had to stop due to a emergency and left the pills at home, i bleed lightly for a few days, but havnt been able to get back on the pill yet because of no period, and im scared to start the pill again before going to the doctor just in case i am prego…I called my doctors today, and they made me an appointment for tomorrow morning for a blood test:) I have no pain at all so they are not worried about a misscarrage till we get the results, and if it comes up negative they will set me an exame to make sure I dont have a cyst or something else isnt going on…. Im nervousI have to wait one week for my results;( the nurses were rude! Now I just get to wait… I am barley even spotting now, and its still bright red! No pain so not worried about a misscarage, I just want to know what’s going on!
A: It is possible that you’re pregnant. Some women mistake implantation bleeding for periods, and a few women actually have periods for some or all of their pregnancy. It sounds like it runs in your family so i would say go back and test again.However, those symptoms can also be caused by other factors, so the best option would be go to your doctor’s office..
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