Do pregnant women ovulate

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A very few women can ovulate while pregnant, which can result in dyzigotic twins. Most women do not ovulate while pregnant. [ Source: ]
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Do pregnant women ovulate?
Women with a rare form of hyperovulation have been known to throw an egg during pregnancy. It is very, very rare, and the egg generally doesn’t get fertilized, and when it does happen to get fertilized it very rarely implants. There are doc…
Can a women get pregnant if she is not ovulating??
You can get pregnant when you are not ovulating. Sperm can stay alive in the uterus for two to three days, but your egg only lasts for 12-24 hours. So if there is sperm in your body when you do ovulate you have a higher chance of getting pr…
Can a pregnant women ovulate in other words can you get pregnant …?
im not sure where you live but in ireland a few weeks ago there was an article in the paper about a woman who discovered she had concieved two weeks after alredy concieving and being pregnant. id surgest you do some research on the matter a…

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Can pregnant women expulse air through their vagina? And, where does a woman ovulate?
Q: I’ve read just women who have not been pregnant before can do it, but can pregnant women during their first pregnancy? About the ovulation question…pardon my ingnorance, but it confused me.
A: a woman ovulates when the egg leaves the ovary and travels into the Fallopian tube to the uterus, where it is either penetrated by a sperm cell and will become a fetus or it is not fertilized and will be expelled during the woman’s period.Women cannot expulse air from the vagina unless you( as in a penis) pushed it in there in the first place during sex.
do pregnant women ovulate?
A: Technically it’s impossible for a pregnant woman to ovulate.
How soon can you get pregnant? And do women ovulate every month?
Q: My boyfriend and i have just decided to try for a baby. So i just finished my period and i’m ready to baby dance.So how soon can you get pregnant?? And do women ovulate every month?
A: Most woman ovulate every month usually within 2 weeks after their period, so now would be the ideal time to try it out, another thing you can try is getting an ovulation predictor kit, then you can find out your ovulation date, and try again then, Good Luck and Happy Baby Making!
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