Do the symptoms of being pregnant have vomiting and diarrhea

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Vomiting can be a sign of pregnancy, but diarrhea is not listed. Many conditions can cause diarrhea & vomiting, so consult a Dr. [ Source: ]
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Do the symptoms of being pregnant have vomiting and diarrhea?
Vomiting can be a sign of pregnancy, but diarrhea is not listed. Many conditions can cause diarrhea & vomiting, so consult a Dr.

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I’m a little concerned about my hgb levels and being 31 weeks pregnant?
Q: I’m a little concerned about my hgb levels and what we are going to go about to fix this problem. I am 31 weeks pregnant. When I was 5 weeks they drew my blood and my hgb level was 12. I went in to the doctors this last week (at 31 weeks pregnant) and it’s dropped to 8. My symptoms have been vomiting, diarrhea, dizziness, terrible leg cramps (at night especially), sudden rapid heart rate, a feeling of warmth throughout my whole body, terrible FATIGUE, no energy, headaches, and constant nausea. My doctor hasnt really told me anything other than she believes I could have internal bleeding and I’ve developed pregnancy anemia and she is going to monitor me very closely and she is still trying to figure out what she is going to go about doing. I just think she doesnt want to worry me with the baby and everything, and I didn’t ask any questions because I had NOOO idea how serious this is. I dont want to go into anything blindly and unaware of what may need to be done. Can anyone tell me what they think or what may need to be done. I just want a healthy baby, I’d love to feel better, but my little girl is my main focus!!! Thank you so much for your time.
A: Are you taking iron supplements?I was also anemic and had all those symptons and so my OB had me take iron supplements and within 2 days I felt heaps better. A week later I felt normal again.
Girl is paranoid, might be pregnant. Is she?
Q: She is on birth control, and we do not use a condom. She JUST finished her period 3 days ago. The most recent times we had sex were 2 days ago, and yesterday. Just last night, she kept waking up in the middle of the night, throwing up, then going back to sleep. All day today she was sick. Symptoms are vomiting, diarrhea, and nausea. I know the “sick” feeling cannot come for at LEAST 2 weeks after impregnation. She said its possible for her to still be pregnant from when we had sex 2 weeks ago, even though she just finished her period. She claims birth control forces her to have a period. If she JUST finished her period 3 days ago, is it possible that she can be experiencing an impregnation from 2 or so weeks ago? This is the third time in the past maybe 7 or 8 months of being sexually active shes thought shes been pregnant, and every single time I bought her a test. This will be the last time, we’re going back to having sex with condoms. I’m sick of this scare every 2 months.
A: If she just got her period and finished it then the sex from 2 weeks ago is canceled out. Every time she gets her period she is obviously not pregnant. The birth control pill stops ovulation therefore no egg is release to be fertilized, her actual period is withdrawal bleeding. Due to the fact that her symptoms are vomiting, diarrhea, and nausea it sounds like she has a viral thing (a lot of that is going around now anyway) Usually morning sickness does not involve diarrhea and it takes a couple of days for the baby to actually be conceived. Odds are she is not pregnant but it would probably be benificial for you to use condoms in the future so that this issue does not come up again and you two can enjoy sex.
Symptoms from stopping the pill or pregnant. What do you think?
Q: I stopped taking my birth control after a week of taking it this month because I realized it had expired over 6 months ago. All month (including the first week of pills) I have felt like crap… very very tired (sleeping for 10-12 hours at a time) and still feeling exhausted, constant migraine for over 2 weeks straight now its finally subsiding, vomited once and diarrhea once. I am in college and missing my morning classes because I am soo exhausted. I feel horrible about this and don’t know what to do. I set up an appointment with my DR who is also OBGYN for this coming monday to try and figure this out. I have missed 10 days of class throughout the month, do you think she could write a letter/note to my professors? I really want to go to class but when I wake up lately I’ve been exhausted and have a migraine or nausea or diarrhea so its almost impossible to make it to class.. I just want to feel like myself again. How should I deal with this situation? Can my doctor do anything to help me (prescription, new bc pills, note to professors)? I have also been bloated, eating more and some tiny cramps in my lower abdomen in the evenings.. I took a test this morning and it was negative but my period isnt due until the 2nd or 3rd.
A: If it was a test that can test early (5 days before) then you might have seen results. I stopped birth control and was pregnant within 2 days! (it was planned). BUT I do know that stopping BC causes symptoms too.
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