Do you burp a lot when your pregnant

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Yes, it is unlady-like to burp and pass gas. But have you noticed you are doing that now? This may mean you are pregnant. [ Source: ]
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Do you burp a lot when pregnant?
I am about 20 week pregnant with Twins and I am burping a ton! I also have Acid Reflux. My doctor said to use Tum or Zantac to help relieve the acid and burping.
Do you burp a lot when your 3 weeks pregnant?
Oh my goodness… I was so gas-y from both ends early in my pregnancy. Luckily it’s died down a bit. Phew!
When you were pregnant, did you burp a lot?
I still do, and i’m due to deliver my baby this Saturday… It’s totally normal.

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do you burp a lot when your 3 weeks pregnant?
A: Oh my goodness… I was so gas-y from both ends early in my pregnancy. Luckily it’s died down a bit. Phew!
what are/was your symptoms when you found out you was pregnant?
Q: i am having some symptoms of pregnancy i wanted to know if there are good sign that i am pregnant?and i just want to here your story’s!spotting that has now become somewhat darker not like the light red and now brown dischargeA LOT more discharge then normalnausea at night and its like i have to burp but i try and i cant so i don’t try to much because i think i might through up which i don’t want to dohot flashesdehydration frequent urinationi poop more often then i used to.please tell me your story and symptoms. Thanksi also get like a pain in my lower tummy its nothing like a cramping. sometimes also up in my tummy around my ribcage! more like preasure something that i could live with!
A: Well I just found out I was pregnant yesterday i’m around 4 weeks 6 days and I was more tired, lots of discharge. I feel sick all day long but never have to throw up just feels like its in my throat. I’m also having to be every 10 minutes and having bowel movement more often(glad to hear i’m not the only one.
Have any of you girls/women ever bloated before your period?
Q: I’m 14 and I started my period when I was 12 (two years ago) and I occasionally get bloated before my period, and I burp a lot, too!I always get a little belly and it makes me look pregnant ahahah but I obviously haven’t “done it” before, does all this happen to any of you girls/women?I just would like to know hahah. See if it’s normal for my age and if it happens to women usually.
A: Yes! I blow up like a balloon a few days before I start, it’s ridiculous I look so silly lol.Good thing is it goes away after it’s all over.It’s completely normal, it’s just your body adjusting and other than making you look a little silly it’s completely harmless 🙂
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