Do you ever get full when you’re pregnant

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Women do not require more food while pregnant. They just crave certain foods and this makes them desire that food. [ Source: ]
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Do you ever get full when you’re pregnant’re-pregnant
Women do not require more food while pregnant. They just crave certain foods and this makes them desire that food.

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When did you find out you were pregnant?
Q: Has anyone ever had sex on high ovulation days and then get your expected full period with breast tenderness/sensitivity and moderate cramps and still find out you’re pregnant? If so, how many weeks did it take you to confirm your pregnancy?
A: I did not have a full period, but I had all of the other symptoms of periods (which are also, not so conveniently, symptoms of pregnancy) like tenderness and slight cramping.I was 4 weeks and a few days pregnant when I was able to confirm with an at-home test. Keep in mind that pregnancy is measured from your last period, so the age of the fetus at 4 weeks is actually 2 weeks.
My girlfriend’s pregnant, I have a full time job. Thinking to go active army, is this the right choice?
Q: Hi, I am 19 years old I work full time right now and am done with school for now. I still want to go to college though. I know the military has a lot of benefits for enlisting and being active or retired some are G.I. Bill or Deers. My question is, I have a girlfriend who is pregnant with my child. She’s due in July, I already took the ASVAB and have a passing score, I was wondering what would be the best way to go about joining the military.. It has always been part of my plan as a child. I love my girlfriend very much and she loves me, we’re happy together and get along so great. I’m not too sure on how the Army will look at my situation with having a girlfriend and baby when enlisting, I am not doing this for the benefits, but they will help my soon to be family out, as well as working in the Army I will be able to afford my 4+ year college degree, heck I may pursue a career within the military. I am curious as to what you all may recommend to me.Should I get married before enlisting?Should I not get married? How will this affect me and my family?Is there anything you recommend I look into or know before enlisting?Do you think it’s possible to have a strong relationship even when you’re active army? If we get married, will she ever get the opportunity to live with me while I serve in the military if I am truly dedicated?How would this affect her and the new baby?Please everyone who feels they can contribute to my questions will be heard, I’m really interested in what you all have to say.I am very serious about enlisting, I am already highly disciplined.
A: First, let me congratulate you on having a baby. It’s the greatest thing I’ve ever done with my life and I’m more proud of it than I’ve been of anything in my life.Next, let’s get to your questions.If you’re truly in love with your girlfriend you should definitely get married. Not only because it’s the right thing to do, but because the military won’t even look at you when you have a child on the way out of wedlock. They consider you to be a single parent and they don’t want to take a child out of the hands of a single parent.It will have a tremendous impact on your family, both positive and negative. When you leave for basic you’ll be gone for between eight and thirteen weeks depending on which branch you choose. So, you’ll need to make sure that you both understand how the other feels about the absence and how you’ll get through it.In addition, you’ll get health insurance for yourself, your wife and your child that is unmatched in the civilian world. You’ll get a retirement plan, training that is worldwide renowned and a job to put on a resume that will make you stand out above your peers.Check out each branch of the service before enlisting so you get a good scope of what you want to do. Each service has tons of different jobs and tons of different positives to it. Make sure you know what you want to do before you sign up.As for your spouse living with you: She will be able to if you’re stationed outside of a combat zone. This will be another plus of military life. You’ll have military housing for your family on a secure military base. That means the lowest crime rates, lowest accident rates and great prices at the PX/BX/MX. The effects on your family will be mostly positive so long as she’s fine with you being away for long periods and working long days. If she really loves you, she’ll respect you for working hard to provide for your family’s future welfare.Trust me about this, it’ll be the best thing you ever do if your girlfriend supports your decision.
Pregnant while on period or am I just sick?
Q: I know it’s possible to get pregnant and still get a period but statistically, what is the actual chance that that could happen?My boyfriend and I always use a condom. For the past few weeks, my body has been acting a bit more differently than usual. It may simply be symptoms of an illness, but I’d just like to get pregnancy out of the way if there is even a chance that could be it. I haven’t been getting morning sickness but every few nights, I feel nausea at bedtime. My boobs haven’t really been super tender but they do feel like they’ve been growing a bit this past month, and I haven’t felt that for probably a couple of years (I’m a college freshman now). Also, I get hot a lot, like literally my face will get red and I will feel really hot no matter where I am, while others around me say they’re fine, or even cold. But my body temperature seems to have risen in just this past week. Also, I’ve been feeling real emotional this past week, mainly these past few days, and I hear that when you’re pregnant, you get real emotional. But I figure it’s because my boyfriend had been out-of-state for two weeks [he just got back a few days ago] so am I probably just over-emotional and feeling attached just because he’s back and I missed him?I just started having sex for the first time about four months ago, so I’m thinking that these slight changes in my body are just because of that, right? Because my body’s just getting used to it being sexually active? I just got my period last week (it ended yesterday).Ever since my boyfriend and I started having sex, my lower stomach has been.. gassy, I guess you would say. It bubbles a lot and makes noise a lot and it hurts sometimes because it feels like it’s full of air bubbles. Is that just because of sex, because the pressure of him inside me is pushing air down there?So bedtime nausea, breast growth, abdominal? pain/gassy lower stomach, rise in body temperature… what are these symptoms of? And can I reasonably exclude pregnancy from my options?Thanks!Also, I’ve been having to pee a lot more frequently lately, but in short flows as opposed to peeing less but with stronger flows.If these symptoms continue for another week or so, I will talk to a doctor. Just thought I’d ask on here if anybody had similar experiences.
A: when i first started having sex, i swear every month i would think i was pregnant… i believe its just your body messing with you.. because in the back of you heas there’s always that thought “Am i pregnant” but each time i ended up not pregnant. sometimes my periods would even be late or very very light… and yes i would have symotoms of pregnancy such as nausea, lower abdominal pain, and being very emotional… and all those symptoms you explained at the bottom are all symptoms of pregnancy…( i am now pregnant and it took forever lol) but if i were you i wouldnt worry about being pregnant so much considering you just had your period and just started having sex not too long ago. I would say its pretty safe to rule pregnancy out… BUT if that still doesn’t get it off your mind you could buy an at home pregnancy test and take that… i have done it many times lol
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