Do you ever throw-up when pregnant

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Yes, many women do throw up during pregnancy. For many morning sickness lasts all day, or can happen any time of the day. [ Source: ]
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What causes you to throw up when your 8 weeks pregnant?
No one knows for sure what causes nausea during pregnancy, but it’s probably some combination of the many…(MORE?) ChaCha!
OMG I just threw up. Am I pregnant?
What did the throw up feel like? If it came from deep within, like from your core, then you probably are. If you haven’t eaten anything lately, I would assume you actually are pregnant. Congrats! 😀
Girlfriend threw up birth control pill. Is she pregnant??
Not sure if you think she got pregnant last night when you had sex or at another time. You don’t have sex, a few hours later throw up and and boom your pregnant. The whole process takes some time. Symptoms don’t usually show up for a few we…

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Is it normal to throw up when you get really upset about something?
Q: I hardly ever throw up but one day I got really upset and I did that. No I am not pregnant.
A: Yes!!! This is a very normal phenomenon. These are frequently called “butterflies” and some people get them frequently. If your stomach hurts when you get upset, then take a Tums or some type of over-the-counter anti-acid. This should take care of it. Since you only have done this once, I would not worry about it at all. However, if this begins to occur often, you should see a physician to help you deal with stress.
When you were pregnant did you ever have a stomach that was just sour?
Q: You weren’t throwing up, but felt like you were close to and when you burped or anything you could actually tell it was sour?
A: That’s what happened to me for about 3 months. I never threw up, but felt like I could at any moment. Try to avoid unpleasant smells and keep food in your stomach. As weird as it sounds, eating actuallly makes the nausea subside. When I would start to get hungry is when it would get really bad. So make sure to keep snacks with you at all times.
When you’re pregnant, how do you deal with getting up every morning and going to work when you feel sick?
Q: How do you deal with the morning sickness when you have no choice but to get up every morning and go to work? Is it ever unbearable? Can you get through the day without throwing up in front of anybody?Any stories of how people have dealt with this? Any tricks on how to reduce morning sickness??Thanks!
A: Before you go to bed eat a few ginger snap cookies. Keep a pack by your bed. Before you sit up in bed eat about 3 but nibble like a mouse. Also at night put a bottle of lemon and line sparkling flavored water and after you eat the cookies drink a few sips but just a little do all this while laying down. Don’t even sit up. Then start to get up 1st by sitting in bed then sit with your legs over the side each time taking a few min to take each step then stand up but don’t walk wait a min or two. Then start walking. For breakfast eat dry toast with nothing on it no butter or jam. Also for breakfast drink ginger tea, you can find it at you local store. Make it something you do every morning and you won’t get sick. During the day if you feel your self getting sick eat a few ginger snaps and if you can drink ginger tea or ginger ale ( they also make a diet one, in case you have gestational diabetes) I know it sounds a lot but if you do it ever day it will become a habit. Ginger is a natural anti-nausea cure. I don’t suggest eating ginger by its self, it doesn’t taste good. However when you are home you can boil it to keep the smell in the house and it works well, and its all natural. I was so sick with all seven of my pregs. The last two were the worst that I lost over 40 pds.
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