Do you get cold a lot when pregnant

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On the contrary, most women feel warmer when they are pregnant. ChaCha later! [ Source: ]
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When you’re pregnant do you get hot or cold a lot?’re-pregnant-do-you-get-hot-or-cold-a-lot
Pregnancy hot flashes can occur due to hormonal changes (which can also cause mood swings) and changes in body temperature.
Does drinking a lot of cold water make a girl unable to get pregn…?
No. There are some effective methods of birth control available, and you can receive free help at Planned Parenthood clinics. This is not one of the effective methods.

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35 weeks pregnant and my left ribs/left side hurt a lot, especially when I’m out in the cold or walking around?
Q: I do have a 17-month old baby girl and every now and then I still carry her in my arms. Can this attribute to the pain I feel? Like right now it doesn’t hurt because I’m sitting down. But when I get up and move around it becomes uncomfortable and if I go outside to run an errand, the it becomes very painful where I can barely walk. I have an ultrasound scheduled today, will let the doctor know. Was just wondering if anyone is feeling something similar or if anyone knows what it could be. Thank you very much for your answers! And for those of you that are also expecting a baby, best of luck on this nine-month journey ride!!!! I always say that I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world (even with all the pains and discomforts 🙂 )
A: Hey there.I know how you feel, have the same problem, it got so so painful on tuesday that I went to the hospital to have it checked up.I was put on the contractions machine, but there were no contractions, I was then sent for a scan and xrays.Well the baby is lying up against my ribs on my right side and now pushing on all of my veins that is restricting bloos circulation.He is also quiet low down and pushing up against my intestines and restricting much movement in my bowel which could be causing pain.Good luck, mention it to you Doctor and see what he says
I know you are supposed to drink a lot when you are pregnant, but can you drink too much?
Q: Here is what I drank yesterday:6 oz hot cocoa (with mini marshmallows – yum!)55 oz water16 oz hot lemonade30 oz seltzerPart of the reason I drank so much is because I have a cold, and every time I get a coughing fit (which is often) I have to drink something to make it stop. Also, I am just thirsty.So what do you think? Is this too much?I am only 5 weeks along… can I really get gestational diabetes this early?!?!?
A: That is quite a bit. I don’t know if I would recommend drinking that much everyday. Yes, you can drink too much water and throw off the chemical balance in your body. However, this shouldn’t happen from just one day of taking in a lot of liquids.Edit: I checked into this just to find out for sure. Here is something you can look at about water intoxication. From what I understand, the amount you are talking about should be perfectly safe. Congrats, by the way.
What to do when totally miserable and pregnant?
Q: I’m 9 weeks pregnant and feel like utter crap. I’d just gotten over my bronchitis when I found out I was pregnant, and since then a cold has been circling the household. It got around to me and I’m one of those lucky ones that when I get sick my body goes all out. No fever as of yet but I can’t sleep I’ve tried the over the counters the doctor’s office recommended, and it’s really hard to eat a lot of healthy foods and liquids when you’re poor 🙁 . The steam thing doesn’t work, blowing my nose doesn’t clear anything just makes me more congested. And now I’m sneezing and starting to cough, feel like I’m without hope. My first doctor’s appointment isn’t for another week! (even though the last time ended in a miscarriage you’d think they’d have me in sooner) I can’t sleep because I can’t breathe, I feel so hopeless. My husband is doing all he can and I’m still so horribly sick… What do I do?!?
A: rest rest rest!!! Lots of clear liquids if your tummy is upset, too. Ask your doc, they may let you take robitussin DM, mine did, when I was preggers. As for your mis, I’m sorry that happened to you before…but sadly, they will not see you until at least your 10 week check up even with a history of a mis, since that is the most vulnerable time you can have one (first trimester) and there really isn’t anything they can do. It sucks being sick AND pregnant, been there done that, but hang in there, it WILL get better!!!
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