Do you get the butterflies a lot when pregnant

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If you feel fluttering, like butterflies in your belly while pregnant, that’s your baby moving around. Exciting isn’t it?! [ Source: ]
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Do you get the butterflies a lot when pregnant
If you feel fluttering, like butterflies in your belly while pregnant, that’s your baby moving around. Exciting isn’t it?!

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would i get killed for this? how should i deal with it?
Q: Okaii let me start by sayin the whole entired thing I missed my period twice by now my last period was june 10 till june 17 after that I had unprotected sex with my bf and now I’m pregnant. I’m really confused like idk what to do, spect or think. I’m supposed to be 8 weeks and 6 days by now all I feel is dizziness a lot of headaches, pee a lot, some hard cramps and a lot of naunsea specially after I eat or smell some things. I’m a lil worried bcuz I get really really really hungry and like I’m gettin a lil fat but my stomach hurts real bad everytimes I get a lil hungry I need to eat as soon as possible when I get hungry or my stomach will start to hurt real bad and my guts would start growning like crazy. I feel a lot of butterflies inside my belly, alor of bubbles. When I’m laying down at nights without moving I feel like idk something weird in my belly. I took a ptest it came out positive I haven’t tell my mom yet, I haven’t go to the doctor either but I’m always feeling real sick and stuff like since yesterday I’ve been experiencing a lot if stomach pains like it hurts so bad for instance, I get a lot of gasses and I always have this bad taste in my mouth that make me want to throw up idk why it won’t go away unless I’m eating something but trust me I brush my teeth real well 3 times a day. I need some help idk what I should do my mom be saying stuff like I’m worry yu can be pregnant or you been weird watch out if ur pregnant sometimes she says it on a serious way and sometimes like if she’s playing around idk what to do I really really really want my bby, right now is one of the most important thing in my entire life even dough I’m only 16.
A: tell your mom, she may or may not freak out but you need to tell her so she can take you to the doctor and get you the care of need!! dont be afraid!!!!!
I’m getting butterfly/nervous feelings in my stomach?
Q: My boyfriend and I have been worried that I may be pregnant.Symptoms, I get dizzy or lightheaded after sitting down for a period of time. pain in my lower area by the crotch area (a little higher.) and pain on my lower sides of my stomach. I also am having pain on my back side. The sides switch. I also feel these butterflies in my stomach. Like a nervous kind of feeling. Not the kind of nervous feeling you get when your about to perform on stage. But, the little nervous-y feeling. It’s on and off. It feels so weird. Like butterflies and it happens a lot of the time. Why? If I was pregnant then what would the butterfly feelings mean? Do you guys think I am pregnant? Advice please. Thank you.Yes, I’ve missed my period. It’s been about a week and a half since I last had it.
A: Definitely take a pregnancy test – to find out – all of those symptoms don’t necessarily mean you are pregnant – many times if you are thinking you might be pregnant you start to pick apart every feeling and symptom your body has and pondering the thought – stop the stress by taking a test and find out for sure.The pains/butterfly feeling, etc. aren’t really typical pregnancy symptoms – it sounds more like stress is playing its toll on you!Take a test – if you are pregnant all the stress is not good for the baby anyway!!Good luck!
can you interpret my dream?
Q: I had a dream I was taking pregnancy tests cause I thought I was pregnant. In my dream I took them but I didnt bother looking at the result I threw them in the garbage. But after a while I felt curious and I looked in the garbage at the two I took and both of them had a faint line on them and in my dream I got butterflies in my stomach and was a little excited. Then I stood up and I was feeling dizzy and I went out to the living room and my fiance was happy and he said he saw the tests and he was looking forward to it. thats when i woke up. now in real life, I had a miscarriage on Dec. 10th. and we have been trying again. I am feeling like I did before but I’m trying not to get my hopes up because I am due for my cycle this week. Could my dreams be telling me something or is it just that im crossing my fingers and thinking about being pregnant again a lot? thanks everyone!
A: The whole point of your dream is don’t stress about the pregnancy or even keep looking to tests to give you assurance. Just keep working on getting in marriage before bringing in a baby.
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