Do you have bad menstrual cramps when you are pregnant

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Cramps can be a symptom of pregnancy, however, if they are accompanied by blood, contact your doctor. Thanks for using ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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Is it normal to have really bad menstrual cramps when your 4month…?
I had the same problem and my OB/GYN said with each child it will be worse,plus each pregnancy is different.It could be due to your body’s different changes this time around.Best Wishes I feel for you.
Is citrus bad for menstrual cramps
Citrus foods are acidic and can cause stomach upset which can make it feel like you are having bad cramps during your period.
What to Do for Bad Menstrual Cramps
・ The first thing you need to do about bad menstrual cramps is to have the problem diagnosed. According… ・ If your menstrual cramps are the result of pelvic inflammatory disorder, you will be given a prescription… ・ According to the Uni…

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38 weeks pregnant…with BAD BAD cramps..?
Q: Last night when i went to the bathroom i noticed alot of not red but pink {definitly blood} blood in the toilet and this morning i saw the same thing…. all last nite and this morning and now ive been having really really bad menstrual like cramping down low…. it hurts sooooo bad…..Is this normal..should i go to the doctor just in case…What do you think….Did this happen to you?
A: it sounds like you should go in and see your doctor, this only happened to me while in labour, it might not be anything but better safe then sorry.
37 weeks pregnant, woke up with really bad menstrual like cramping?
Q: They lasted for about an hour, so I laid down and eventually fell back asleep. When I woke up again they were gone. What do you make of this? I have a doc appt. this morning, I will let them know. Does this mean I am close to labor?It’s my first baby so I don’t know what to expect.
A: It happened to me every day for 15 days before i actually gave birth. Its your body getting ready for lab our. Don’t worry its normal but its not wrong telling your doctor to have a look just to put your mind at rest and check everything is going well.don’t be surprise to have an early birth especially if you are expecting a big baby. I gave birth to a girl 3.5 kilos at 38 weeks with every single thing you are experiencing now. Good luck let us know how it goes.
bad nausea in the a.m, warm temperature, mood swings, menstrual-like cramps…could I be pregnant?
Q: The husband and I are working on our second child. We didn’t find out we were pregnant the first time until I was about 8 weeks so I can’t recall any symptoms I may have had. My ovulation day was on the 14th and my start day is the 28th. When do you think I could test? I kind-of feel pregnant but I may just be putting it in my head. Can anyone tell me if these are pregnancy symptoms. Thanks and God bless.
A: Technically you could test tomorrow, but HPT can only detect pregnancy 5 days before a missed AF 50% of the time so if it is neg & still no AF test again on the 28
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