Do you have to be married to get medicaid

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Medicaid eligibility is limited to individuals in five categories: children; pregnant women; adults in with dependent children; [ Source: ]
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Do you have to be married to get medicaid
Medicaid eligibility is limited to individuals in five categories: children; pregnant women; adults in with dependent children;
Can you get medicaid for pregnancy if your married?
You can get Medicaid for your pregnancy, whether or not you’re married, if you meet the eligibility factors, such as income, citizenship, etc.
Will she lose Medicaid if we get married?
You state “The reason we want to get married is because her son (4yrs old) is in her custody but is restricted to the county they live in and the only way to get them up her is to get married so we can go to court to take the restricti…

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Were you “financially comfortable” when you got pregnant?
Q: My husband and I are 29 (30 in July), have been married for over 6 years and do not have any kids. We have been talking about it, but I don’t feel like we are financially comfortable. We certainly aren’t in the poor house, but we don’t have savings because we have recently paid off my student loans, our bedroom furniture, and one of our two 2008 vehicles. My husband has a secure, good paying job that he loves. His employer provides health care free of charge to us. We bought a house last March and are doing ok with the income we are bringing in. Other than the house we have his truck to pay and then the regular utility bills. Sometimes I feel like we are getting to the point that we should seriously consider having a baby, but other times I start freaking out because of the lack of savings. I just want to say that he makes too much for any kind of assistance, and that is not my goal to have a baby and get on WIC and/or medicaid, etc etc.Moms (and/or dads) did you feel like you were “financially comfortable” when you got pregnant? Would you do it all again knowing what you know?Thank you everyone! It is so good to hear that there are people in all different situations that are making it work. It gives me hope that when we decide to start trying to have a baby things will somehow work out and we won’t be the only one out there that are unsure of our situtation. 🙂 Thank you!!
A: I have heard the saying “if you wait until you are financially comfortable to have children, you will have no children”. You guys sound like you are very ready, especially because you have insurance. I am only 23 so everyone i know with kids was not really “settled” yet, but everyone is doing great. You learn to budget properly and you will probably have more money for the baby since you will start wanting to buy the baby more new things and you will want less things for yourselves…at least from what i’ve seen. We have not had our baby yet (due the beginning of july) but we were not comfortable when i was first pregnant. He was laid off at the time. I DID however have good insurance through my job though but i only make about $15/hr. He has since got a good job so i think we will be fine, but we will have to learn to budget too since we dont have any savings. I think things tend to work out as long as you care about the baby, and like i said, you guys sound like you are financially stable enough.
My SO and I are almost 50, both SSDI; If we get married, my Medicaid spenddown goes up to 600. Any other way?
Q: As a single person; my spend down is 162.00 a month; if we get married like we want to; my spend down goes up to 600.00 ! Why is it, when 2 people want to do what is right in the eyes of God; we get penalized ?? This is why more & more seniors are living together without benifit of marriage…..BUT it’s not fair ! Here I have a good man that wants to make me his legal wife; but if we do; we take such a huge monetary hit…we couldn’t survive. My case worker has mentioned that; I could legally change my last name to his…and let people think we ARE married…as long as the state can’t find a marriage license the state can’t do anything,…..Would like to hear from other seniors with this problem, and how you get around it …..Dear CLUMPY- My SO has Cerebreal Palsy and is blind enough to qualify for a guide dog. And I am on permanent disability from Social Security due to bone, heart & other medical problems ! We have both worked for years until our bodies gave out on us and our disability checks are BOTH on our OWN WORK RECORDS. They are not from SSI or the General fund. Please REFRAIN from talking about that which you know NOTHING about ! The question was for others having our same problem anyway… you are a jerk.
A: I say, what’s the point in making it “legal”? That’s just in the eyes of the courts, not in your hearts. I wouldn’t even bother changing names, unless that’s what you really want. You can even have a ceremony of your commitment to each other, but without a license. You don’t need a piece of paper to prove you are married in your hearts. I’ve been married 3 times, and at 51, don’t consider myself a ‘senior’. But I would not get married again legally. I would consider doing a ceremony of commitment as I suggested above.
TTC Married couple Insurance/medicaid question.?
Q: First of all… let me give you a brief bio before you slam me. My husband and I are both hard working college students. He has a good job that pays really well and supports both of us (and baby when needed) comfortably but it does not offer insurance. We’re not TTC right now but want to in the future. It could be as long as 4 years before he is able to get a full time job that will give is insurance coverage. I will be graduated by baby time but want to be able to stay at home and care for my child.I wanted your GENERAL opinion about medicaid.I am usually against ‘feeding’ off the government but I feel my hands are tied. Do you think that a couple should have to wait 4+ years to have a baby just because private insurance that covers maternity is so hard to find? We can either spend 10k on the pregnancy and delivery or we can use that money for a college fund and other things the baby might need.Is it ethical to get on medicaid just for the pregnancy and delivery and than get off government help and go on with our lives? I mean… I’ll always pay medicaid out of my paychecks.All comments and experiences appreciated!Thanks!!!
A: Plenty of women get on medicaid just for pregnancy, so yes if you happen to get pregnant and that is your only option, BY all means you should apply! Maybe if healthcare wasnt so outrageous you would not even be in this dilema. So yes, if you wanna have a baby do it! They system is there especially for pregnant women and babies. Your not a lazy person sitting on welfare so just ignore what others might tell you and just go on and plan your family, hey maybe by the time it happens you will have an insurance option made available to you!Also some states have a low cost medicaid program where you actually pay but a small amout based on your income? Thats a great option and takes away the stigma of welfare (:
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