Do you have to start puberty to get pregnant

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Yes you do have to start puberty in order to get pregnant. ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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Can you get pregnant if you had sex with someone who has not star…?
you really don’t need to be having sex if you honestly can’t answer this. wow. and if they and/or you haven’t started puberty then thats a double no no to doing the dirty!

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What would steroids do to an unborn baby?
Q: I’m not pregnant before you lot start (:When I was concieved my Dad was taking a lot of steroids as he was a bodybuilder, my Mum did too, and she didn’t realise she was pregnant until 6 months or so in then stopped taking them.What would these steroids have done to me when I was little?I know these things but I’ m not sure if steroids caused them:1. I was a huuuge baby, 9 pounds or something.2. I was massively tall when I was a kid, then just stopped growing, now I’m 5″8.3. I started puberty really young and got my period when I was about 10.4. I develop muscle really easily, even if I ride a bike for a little while each day for a week my leg and calf muscles get defined so quickly.5. I don’t put on weight, but I weigh quite a lot, almost as if my bones are heavy.6. I’m quite wide set, as in I have a womanly figure, but my shoulders are large and set like my Dad.Do you think steroids would have done these things?
A: Steroids don’t stay in your system like that. So no. When a woman takes steroids, it can make her infertile for a period so I’m surprised you were even conceived. As for growth of the fetus, it can cause pseudohermanphroditism and growth retardation if the steroids are used over a long-ish period. It sounds like you’re fine though.
Do you think girls and women should be allowed to eat fast food hamburgers and store bought milk?
Q: I’m going to personally say no because of all the hormones that are in the cows these days. It’s been shown to cause girls to reach puberty at an earlier age and start the cycle. I’m not saying teenage pregnancy is wrong but I think preteen pregnancy is very wrong. Ten and eleven year old girls are too young to be having babies but this is what starting puberty prepares them for. Plus, you know how pregnant women aren’t supposed to smoke or take drugs right? Well, they shouldn’t eat hormone tainted meat either, and if it applies to pregnant women then the rule should apply to all women that have the possibility to get pregnant. Let’s face it, today’s young women are the baby factories we are going to need to have boys so they can grow up to protect and advance this nation and those women need to be 100% healthy and normal.
A: i agree fast food is not good for us, well no one for that matter. and i don’t like milk!
period question and more?
Q: If you never start your period does that mean you can’t have kids? As soon as you start puberty before period can you still get pregnant?Do condoms usally break?How many condoms can you use on one penis?How many times does it take for the boys to cum after they stick it up the girl?What is the best thing to use when you are on your period tampons or pads?Can you still have sex while you are pregnant?
A: Wow…. sounds like you need to have a good talk with your mom or other parental figure.If you havent hit puberty yet.. it’s waay to early to have sex- dont worry about it yet, just be a kid and have fun.
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