Do you pee a lot when you’re pregnant

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Your unborn baby pushes down on the bladder and pelvic floor muscles. This pressure can lead to more frequent need to urinate. [ Source: ]
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Why do you pee a lot when you’re pregnant?
The pressure on your bladder in later trimesters. In the first trimester I think it’s all the extra blood flow to that area. You have to watch out for UTI’s!
When do you starting peeing a lot when you’re pregnant??
Pregnancy tests say I’m not pregnant (I’m 8 days late), and i’ve been peeing a lot the last 2-3 days, and that’s not normal for me at all. It could be anything, but I’m just wondering when does that usually start happening? Is it just a …
What does it mean when i Pee a lot?
i agree with the first person. Monitor your liquid intake. since its just now happening, i’d start to record in your head about how many times a day you do. if you start going more frequently see a doctor, could be an overactive bladder. ta…

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why do you pee a lot when you’re pregnant?
A: The pressure on your bladder in later trimesters. In the first trimester I think it’s all the extra blood flow to that area. You have to watch out for UTI’s!
So, in your experience, do OPK’s really turn positive when you’re pregnant like I have heard?
Q: My temps start to decline after 9 days, and this month it’s been waaay up for about sixteen days now, and I had lots of period like cramps (which have now mostly subsided thank god) but no bleeding, and I’m exhausted, so I basically know that I’m pregnant, but I can’t get a pregnancy test until saturday for lack of time to buy one (ugh) and so i have been peeing on my opk’s which have been coming up all negative. This month I only got one day of barely positive and most months I get at least a week of positive results, so I’m wondering if I just got a bad batch of opk’s. (They’re really cheap ones.) What do you think? Supposedly an opk will pick up pregnancy hormones because of the similarity of the molecular structure. Baloney?Here’s my lovely pregnant chart :), yea, we’ve all been to fertility friend… I just wonder what the success rate of using opk’s is I guess. Also that woman is no scientist, she’s just like you or me. What one person says is true is not always necessarily correct.Sorry I didn’t mean to be rude, it just seems like whenver I ask a question thirty people direct me to that site…
A: Well, I don’t think it is a rumor, one of my girlfriends had one turn positive but not until about six weeks into her pregnancy. You should try it out lol
Constantly Talking About Being Pregnant?
Q: I’m 20 years old and I’ve never been pregnant, but I have friends who are mothers and both my sisters have been pregnant (my younger sister has had 3 miscarriages) so I know a pregnant womans struggle. Well I have a friend who is 19 and she’s pregnant now and its ALL she can talk about. I’m excited for her, but she’s driving me insane by trying to make me feel like I’m missing out on something great. I want to tell her that she is driving me insane! The other day she called me just to tell me, “if you think you pee a lot when you’re not pregnant let me tell you when you are pregnant you pee every 20 minutes.” OMG!!!!!She’s only 15 weeks pregnant and I don’t think I’ll keep up with our friendship cuz I just don’t want to hear it. How do I change the subject and keep it away from baby talk?I don’t want kids. I’m seriously thinking of tying my tubes after seeing how this girl is just crazy about being pregnant. I dont EVER want to be like that and she’s the only pregnant woman I’ve know who is like that.First off she is the club hopper not me. I’m the stay at home type. Never been out drinking my whole life so you’ve judged it all wrong. I’m happy for her, but there are major things going on in my life right now and she doesn’t bother to ask. If you like one sided friendships then I’ll give you her number and you can call her and listen to her talk about bowel movements.
A: When people get so consumed by any particular topic, especially when it’s something favorable to them like a marriage, great job, etc., it’s can be because things aren’t really as great as they’d like you to believe they are. I mean, you have to wonder exactly why they keep going on about it if they’re not secure enough to drop the subject and be open-minded to the other person’s feelings.
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