Do you stay wet when you are pregnant

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Some women have reported staying wet while pregnant and being sexually aroused a lot. ChaCha again soon!! [ Source: ]
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Do you stay wet when you are pregnant?
It’s not uncommon, due to hormonal levels in the pregnant woman’s body, to be wet often, or all the time. Many women I’ve known have reported that they were aroused and/or wet throughout their pregnancies.

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Can u be pregnant w/o having cervical mucus?
Q: Every month after AF I usually have lots until around the time I ovulate and then it basically stops until I get my next period. I always hear that when you get pregnant you stay wet right from ovulation through your pregnancy and have lots of CM. So if you don’t have CM does that mean your not pregnant? I don’t understand why the body would make CM until at least the embryo has implanted into your womb and the cervix is trying to plug itself up. Has anyone been pregnant and not had lots or any cervical mucus?
A: It’s true that there’s normally a watery cervical mucous around ovulation and alot of the time there is more discharge when pregnant but not necessarily beginning at ovulation. It’s also possible not to have more discharge or mucous during pregnancy at all. I’m pregnant now and although I did have increased discharge up until about the time my period was due I don’t now and with my son it was the other way around the discharge increased as time went on.
how long and how offten does a pregnant pomeranian stay sick and not want to eat?
Q: Hello,i just got this pom from a friend of mine and she was pregnant. she was bred on october 15th – 22nd and now she is about 3weeks or 4 weeks depends on when she took. anyway i was wondering how long and when do they start having morning sickness? because she started vomiting last night and still today and not wanting to eat anything not even her treats that she loves. she is laying around and when she gets up she starts to get sick.(vomit) she normally wants to go for Ride and go out side but not this last two nights. im starting to get worried about her. i checked her temp to make sure she wasn’t running a fever and it was 101.7 so it was normal. her nose is cold and wet. she has regular stool so nothing really seems out of place except her vomiting and laying around. her vomit is mucus with white foam and sometimes yellow. if you can please help me ease my mind. Thank youfirst off who are you to juge me a back yard breeder? and another thing dogs do get morning sickness maybe you should read up on it!! i didnt come on here to be judge i was asking a question. and another thing she was a clean bill of health from what the vet said. and another for another thing she is going to the vet tomorrow i just wanted to have ease on my mind she will be ok. if you dont know anything about breeding dogs and pregnancy than way bother answering our questions and being a total A** hole? we come on her from addvise not comments about our life. and if you read my question all the way before answering than you would have read I JUST GOT HER!!! so dont call me a back yard breeder!!!!!
A: First off sorry but dogs don’t get morning sicknessThis dog is SICK and needs a vet immediately.while you are there you need to talk to your vet about starting prenatal exams to see if everythign is ok and that the pups aren’t to big for her to deliver herselfThis breed often needs c-sections and just a warning in my area this can be $750 and you can still loose the mom and or babes.They can also give you a better idea of when she is actually due htis is very important to knowGET TO A VET FIRST THING TOMORROW.I hope she lives that long…
things you recalled about your body when you found out you were pregnant?
Q: my period is due tomorrow. and i have a few odd things that have happened in the past week or so. for example…for about 4 days i had extreme heart burn.slightly sore breast (nipples really) – but that’s usually a sign my AF is cervix is extremely high- i cant even reach it.and the most odd is that i have been staying wet “down there”even today (day before period due) i am always dry, we even bought and used pre-seed last month because of im jut wondering if any one of there “signs” have anything to do with pregnancy?thanks in advance
A: They could be signs your period is about to come…I didn’t have any pregnancy symptoms other than cramping and a missed period. But everyone is different. If your period is due tomorrow you could take a pregnancy test today (just make sure it’s an early detection one).
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