Do you still have your period after you get pregnant

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No, you can’t get your period once you’re pregnant. However, some women experience light bleeding during pregnancy. ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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Can you still get pregnant right after you have your period…or …?
BAD NEWS, It is for that cycle, but GOOD NEWS, the next one has just begun! You will only ovulate once in a cycle, but sperm will live for a fair few days searching for your fertile egg( which in most women is released about 10 to 14 days…
Can you still get pregnant right after your period?
yes, you can get pregnant regardless of what day of the cycle you are in. you need to use protection at all times.
Could i be pregnant and still get my period after wards??
take a hpt but i doubt it if you had your period but you can be pregnant if you guys had unprotected sex after your period

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could you still be pregnant after you had your period the last month, and didnt have sex since then?
Q: me and my boyfriend had unprotected sex many times, and now that we broken up we dont do it nomore. last month i had my period and ever since then i didnt have sex no more, is it possible that i could still be pregnant? because i didnt get my period yet and im at least 2 weeks late..
A: Yes. This is how I am now pregnant with my 3rd child. Go ahead and take a pregnancy test.
Can You Still Be Pregnant Even After You Have Your Period?
Q: well we thought we conseved the first monday of august and then we were going to get checked ot on monday the 27 a month latter and on that day she had her period. and we didn’t go, does that mean that she’s not pregnant???
A: well I would say no, she’s not pregnant, although there has been woman that have their period while they’re pregnant its very slim chances, being that you thought you conceived on the 1st, i assume she was ovulating, which would fall right in the timeline of a 28 day cycle and she started her period right on time. Anyways good luck!
Can you still be pregnant 3 days after your fertilization?Then after them 3 days can you still get your period?
Q: The Reason why i ask this question is because im curious about having a baby with my partner. We did the home insemination last week sep 16th i was also ovulating at the time. Then three days later i got heavy bleeding for four days. Usually my period is up to 5 days my period ended and i still get cramps in my left side of my uterus, i get very sleepy and gagging. I need some help am i pregnant? is it possible?
A: Sorry but it sounds like you had your period and you are not pregnant!
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