Do you think I going to have a baby

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If you’re pregnant, then yes, I think you’re going to have a baby! If you’re not pregnant, then I’m afraid the answer is no! [ Source: ]
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How do you think that I should tell my mom that I’m going to have…?’m-going-to-have-a-baby
Talk to your mom while you are doing something together- but no one else is with you. She’ll be upset, but she loves you!
What do you think if I’m not going to give my baby a middle name??
It’s completely up to you whether or not you want to give your child a middle name or not – I don’t have a middle name, so I wouldn’t think it was weird if I met a kid without one. I’ve always wished I did have a middle name though, because…
Do you think it might actually be that i am going to have a baby??
Have you ever been on birth control before? and have you ever had symthoms like these on birth control. Take the test and don’t get your hopes up to high, just pretend it’s a bladder infection test or something lame like that. I’ve never b…

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Am I wrong in asking that my Wife does more housework?
Q: I know what most women say & THINK: A mans job is from dusk until dawn but a woman’s job is never done! HAHAHA!!! It’s true! She never finishes anything! Ok, she does sometimes. But LONG after starting… She starts a lot of projects. But FINISHING them… Ugh… Example: I’ve been asking her to sew a new zipper on one of my only pair of pants for about 4 months now. The same pair that took 3 months for a new button! Just an example. I AM capable of sewing a zipper or a button on, but I also don’t spend as much time laying around watching TV and playing on the computer as she does. I’m constantly on my feet taking care of OUR stuff. But when it comes time to hang the Christmas lights, or anything SHE wants done… Do I procrastinate? Honestly, sometimes, yes… But that’s because I’m doing the brunt of everything else! And it still doesn’t take me HALF as long as it takes her to get motivated!She says I don’t have to do the things I do and it’s due to my OCD or my “sickness” or my “condition” that I HAVE to do them and that I get upset when they’re not done. Well… It’s either I do it, or it doesn’t get done. It’s due to my OCD that I don’t wanna’ live in a pigsty? She has a cop-out for everything! Oh yeah… and she’s constantly “not feeling well” for some reason or another. Maybe if she moved around a little more!Then she complains that I ask her to do something and complain before giving her a chance to do it! HA! I complain a WEEK LATER after I’VE taken it upon MYSELF to do it! I constantly wear wrinkled up laundry to work that’s been sitting in the laundry basket for a week just so I could “GIVE HER ENOUGH TIME” before I do it myself! I’m tired of it! Is it OCD to want CLEAN laundry put away before 2 more full loads of laundry are ready to be washed again???Honestly, our relationship would be SO much better if she did her fair share of the housework! HELL, OR MOST OR EVEN ALL OF IT! I DEFINITELY DO ENOUGH WITH OUT ALL THAT CRAP AS WELL! Staying home with baby (2 years old as of next week) IS a full-time job. I GET IT! I know because on the weekends I do that job too! Or the RARE day that she goes and does something by herself, I wake up with my son, change him, clean his bed if his diaper has leaked, make him breakfast, clean up the house, do the dishes, do the laundry, make him lunch, and by THIS time, the entire house is spotless! And I can keep on top of it ALL DAY EASILY WITH NO STRESS! TOTALLY RELAXED!SO I KNOW IT CAN BE DONE! And other women do it so don’t give me that excuse women! I’m tired of hearing that one! “You don’t know what she goes through.” “You try staying with the baby and getting everything else done!” IT’S EASY COMPARED TO ALL THE STUFF I TAKE CARE OF WITH NO HELP FROM HER OR ANYONE!!!Part of life is doing things you don’t want to do. We have PLENTY of fun. But come on! Getting her to do something she doesn’t want to do is next to impossible! Ok. Let me start by throwing out that I MUST have a mild case of OCD. It’s not to the point where I’m scrubbing every spot I see or vacuuming constantly (far from it actually). But I DO like to have a clean house! Whoa! Now I know this is a LOT to ask for, but at one time as a child I thought I deserved what I wanted out of a relationship. Or at LEAST a fair compromise. A little more history there: I grew up in awfully poor conditions so a clean house means a lot to me when I go away to work all day! I just want to come home to a clean house! Dishes: DONE! Laundry: DONE! IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK?!? I’ve been at this breaking point SO MANY TIMES! Half of the time she cleans until the argument is over. The other half of the time it just gives her more of a reason NOT to and to yell at me for complaining. Here’s the scoop… ME: work full time (40-60 hrs per week), keep the cars maintained (by myself, not at a shop), do all the yard work including picking up dog-poo, at this moment we have 8 puppies who’s stinky nasty bed I clean out every other day, run all the errands including taking our son to and from the babysitter for the rare occasions that we go out, take care of all of the bills/rent/finances, keep the garbage/recycling taken out, AND do at LEAST half of all the other chores such as making meals, doing dishes, laundry, general pick-up, etc… If not more.She: Works AT HOME part-time (or as much as she wants to) selling vintage clothes online that she buys from thrift stores, takes care of our son during the day while I’m gone, watches t.v. and plays internet games such as UNO and alien shooters or is online NOT working for at LEAST 4 hours per day, and does about half of the other chores such as making meals, doing dishes, laundry, general pick-up, etc… Now, some weeks she does about half of the general upkeep & work. But the other weeks, I do the majority of it while still taking care of all my responsibilities. OVERALL, I DO MORE THAN HER IN ANY GIVEN DAY!And when she DOES clean, haAnd when she DOES clean, half of the time she doesn’t finish or she goes back and forth between the computer and the t.v. and cleaning. And it takes her FOREVER! Why not just get it done and relax???Am I just totally sick here or what?
A: This will seem terribly unfair, but will ultimately give you peace. Ben Franklin said something to effect of: “Never ask a man to do anything.” Meaning, if you want it done, do it yourself.Or, as Flylady from says, “You do the housework for you.”Think about it: If you were single or a single parent you would do it.Once you release your “She Shoulds” you will feel a tremendous peace and give your marriage a great gift.The worst that will happen is nothing will get done. The best that will happen is she will feel shame and do it.Try it with a willing spirit for a week and see what happens.
Can you just have 1 child?
Q: I have an 18wk old baby boy, im 27 and my partner is 29, our baby wasnt planned but not unwanted and we both love him to bits, we are moving to a new house that has one good sized bedroom but the other is small, for one person, I was saying to my partner that if we have more children we will have to move again, but he said as he doesnt want any more ever, as labour was too traumatic – for him!!!, we cant afford it, we have no room, it will be hard work etc, this made me really upset as I would at least like 1 more, Ive tried explaining an only child will be bored, lonely, spoiled acting, will grow up quicker having to be around adults all the time, hes not going into child care early and I have no friends or relatives nearby, although we see them on a weekly basis. What do you think, is having an only child ok? Do you think my partner will change his mind? Please dont say Im lucky to have just have had one I know this already!I lost my only sister when we were teenagers and I think I feel I would rather have had her and lost her than not at all, at the same time, if you were an only child you wouldnt know any different would you?I meant having another in 2-4 years or something not just now!
A: Your partner for now is being pretty sensible you have said you have no room and can’t afford another, this could change in the future. You don’t have to make the decision now on whether you have more now at the end of the day your baby is 18 weeks old and you should be just enjoying him and not worrying about other things.I would say that having just one with no childchare, friends or family for support will be hard work. maybe when the baby is a little older you could join a mother baby group to meet some new friends and make a little support network
33 weeks pregnant with a lot of stress?
Q: I am currently 33 weeks pregnant. I had a friend that I currently work with everyday. Over this weekend, her husband called my house and kept threatening me and my husband. She has done so too, but over the internet. I don’t think they will actually do anything to me or my husband, but I do have to work with her on Monday (tomorrow). After about 3-4 pm I will be working alone with her and another girl that is her best friend. I am so nervous to go in and have something bad happen. I just need some advice on what to do about going to work. The job isn’t physically demanding, its really easy actually, but the emotional stress from this weekend has me very nervous. They even had the nerve to tell me that my baby will be taken away from me and they pray that she does. Has this happened to any other pregnant woman, and what did you do? My employer doesn’t ever do anything to fix any problems, so going to them and telling them I am uncomfortable around her is not going to work. They will still make me work with her. Any advice would be great.
A: Talk to your boss about it. If you don’t feel comfortable in her presence, you need to let someone know why.If they are making threats and you are afraid, you can report them both and even get a restraining order.Good luck and congrats on your baby!
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