Do you think that the guy think that its gross

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It would be a personal decision for the man to make. Make sure to use protection you can still get a std, and you can get pregnant [ Source: ]
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Do girls think its gross if a guy masterbates alot??
Isnt it kind of normal for them to masterbate alot? I dont know, if a guy told me that i wouldnt be surprised. The only reason i’d be grossed out is if he was A. ugly or B. related to me.
Do guys think its gross when a girl uses guy deodorant??
I’m a girl, and my question is “why not jut use a strong woman’s deodorant?” Like clinical strength or something. I mean, it would smell better and cost the same, so why not? But yeah, I don’t think guys care at all if you use t…
Do guys think its gross for girls to have arm hair?
I’m a guy and I say don’t shave it then. Let it grow. If you are attractive and attractive face and overall body plus a great personally. No real man should care about whether your arms have hair. That is very trivial. Besides, I’m not too …

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My friends think its gross that i like a 12 year old guy and i’m 14 going on 15. What do you think?
Q: Every time i think about him i wish he would age faster! I’ve known him for 6 years and it’s just in the last 6 months i’ve realised how much i like him.He says he really likes me too, and even though all his friends are around he’d prefer to talk to me.Are my friends right in thinking my liking of him is ‘gross’?Oh, it’s 2 years and 9 months age difference….
A: its not that big of a deal , and theres not much of an age difference . don’t worry about what they think (:
do you think its gross when guys?
Q: touch themselves while your on the phone with them ahhahahaalso do you perfur a guy that moans or is quite
A: I think its normal, if a guy touches himself when your on the phone, but its only ok if you are dating each other or both singlehehe i love a guy that moans hehe
Why do guys think its cool to give their girlfriends a dutch oven?
Q: In case you didnt know what that is, its when a guy farts in bed with you and lifts the covers over your head so you are trapped in it. do you think its funny? or gross? or wrong? Please share your worst dating-fart habbits/stories, hopefully im not the only one suffering!!!
A: Haha, I’m a guy, and yes i do that w/ my girl. I do that, because to me its a test. Whether the my girl loves me. It might sound clingy and all, but if I fart and get the covers and put it over her head…what she does is kiss me and make-out and she giggles. I know she loves me. So I take the covers off. And do other stuff. ; ). Lol.But if your man keeps doing that…hes only making it a joke, and if you don’t like it, let him know. Hope I helped. =).
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