Do you want to smoke a joint

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That’s probably a bad idea since I’m pregnant and it’s illegal. Have a good time though! Have a great night! ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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Why is tabacco legal but you cant smoke a joint comfortable where…?
my judgment is not impaired after smoking a regular cigarette.

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Do you smoke a joint the same way you smoke a cigarette?
Q: Like just take a puff then inhale and blow out the smoke? I never smoked weed before and I don’t want to look like an idiot when I try it with my friends. I don’t need a lecture, just answer my question please.
A: No, it’s smoked differently.Cigarette smoke you rarely “hold in” the smoke.Toking a joint, you should “hold in” the smoke usually for as long as it is comfortable, otherwise your friends will accuse you of wasting it. It does help it work better when you hold it in.
How do you smoke a joint in your room?
Q: I don’t really care for the little filter with the dryer sheets I just want to know how to contain the smoke off of the jointCigarettes are not an option
A: That question is pretty vague. Is it the smell you’re worried about, or do tou just want to toke up in the privacy in you’re own room? Perhaps you could light incense in your room or put a lock on your door. If those aren’t viable options, instead of smoking a joint, you could use a pipe. Although I personally don’t like using pipes myself, they do contain the smoke way better than smoking a joint.
Do you think you its easy to smoke a joint on a cruise?
Q: Me and my husband are going on a cruise to the bahamas and i want to know if anyone has ever smoked any weed on a cruise ship or is it just to hard?
A: What’s going to be hard is going through customs with it. That particular aspect could ruin the entire trip. Believe me, I know from experience.
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