Do your eyes get bigger when you’re pregnant

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Puffy eyelids is a very common thing that happens to women who are pregnant. This happens because of hormonal changes. ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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Do your eyes get bigger when you’re pregnant’re-pregnant
Puffy eyelids is a very common thing that happens to women who are pregnant. This happens because of hormonal changes. ChaCha!

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Q: BNG ((((Shhhhh))))1. You are a single professional woman, but lately you’ve been having baby fever. You try to shake it off, but it’s just really affecting you. You finally decide that you want a child. *Problem* there is no man in your life! You talk w/your doctor and he suggests a privately run sperm bank. It’s not as icky as you think, once you are there they explain the process and show you a list of client donors. You are impressed w/the calibre of the men that are donors. All are well educated, professional, sucessful and healthy. You agonize over which donor to choose for 2 months, but finally settle on one. now you just have to see if things work, and they DO! You are pregnant finally! And 9 months later you welcome a beautiful baby boy. He’s so beautiful, w/great big green eyes and jet black hair…your donor was Irish. You want to give him an Irish name, either as first or middle. What do you name your son?2. You and your hubs are the “all-American” couple. You’re high school sweethearts and best friends…people envy you. Your only problem…you cannot seem to get pregnant. tests show everything is fine w/you, but there is something wrong with your hub’s sperm count. You see specialists and finally one gives you hope of having a child of your own. You have an IVF procedure but it doesn’t take, discouraged but still hopeful you try again, and this time it works! You discover that you’re pregnant and you and your husband are over the moon. you wait to see what the sex of the baby is, but find out later it’s twins! At delivery you have two healthy babies. What gender are your twins? What do you name your twins?3. You are young, almost 20 and you have never had a serious relationship. When you meet your boyfriend things go very fast, and very hot and heavy. Soon you are pregnant…you’re scared, but make a promise to yourself to do right by your baby. Your boyfriend is in and out….not really making a commitment. You ignore that and just take care of yourself. You have a baby boy, and want to give him a name that is strong and masculine. What do you name your son?Have fun!!Megan- only the last photo link worked for me. the other 2 did not.
A: 1. Tarquin Donnacha (Donnacha is Irish!)2. Boy/Girl: Lorachán Elliot James and Sorcha Marianna Colette (Irish names, Loar-cawn and soar-ka)3. Fintán Oliver Michael (Fint-an, also an Irish name)
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A: 1. Becca Michelle2. Joshua Jacob3. Hayley Winter4. Gabriella Rose5. Abigail HopeAlexis JoyAshley FaithAndrew ConnorAlexander Liam
Big problem, need advice. Step daughter wrecking my life.?
Q: I have a step daughter, Kasondra (Kassi) who in the past, I have had some problems with. I never said or did anything about the problems until she was 16 and driving, and didn’t want to have her visitation with her father because of me. She would come over late after already feeding herself Panda Express, and then wouldn’t want to eat dinner with the family or anything I cooked. Ever. She was blatantly rude and no body would guide her back to respect so it went on and on. My husband became more and more hurt and more and more spineless. I hated what was happening. I was cooking for her, thinking she would eat something else, something I made special for her, and never would she even attempt a bite. At this time, I had two young babies, that were up a lot in the night and I was working full time. I wasn’t getting a lot of sleep and the small amount I was getting was very valuable. When she would spend her obligatory every other weekend here, she would again, arrive late, stay up watching TV until late and then sleep in most of the day. Her schedule was interfering with everything the household was doing. One night her father said clearly, Kassi, I want you to go to bed by midnight, and she said yes, at 11:30, I’m up nursing a baby knowing that my next baby will wake up soon and want some love or a bottle or whatever, 12 midnight comes and 12 midnight goes, and Kassi sits in the living room watching TV and disturbing the “back to bed” time for the baby. I say, “hey, your dad wants you in bed” and she rolls her eyes and does nothing. I turn off the TV. She turns it back on. I move and sit next to her. Right next to her. Finally she goes to bed. The next day, we have a camping trip and she comes along with a big chip on her shoulder, she tries to run away and takes (steals) her brother’s car in order to get off of what she calls the camping trip from hell. No one is bothering her, just asking her to be there. She runs home and her mother says she is going to lose her cell phone. So during the week, I text her and ask her if she is feeling better. She doesn’t answer my text so I figure she lost her cell phone. Friday arrives again, and she sneeks into the house and hides in her room. I don’t even realize she’s home. I open her bedroom door and say, “wow, I didn’t know you were here, hey I texted you this week, did you my messages?” she says “yes” very sharply, I say, “oh, how come you didn’t answer” and she screams until her face is purple, “BECAUSE I DiDn’t want to” so I slam her door, just a reaction but I was getting pissed here. I opened it again and said, “just for your information, you’re not staying up until all hours of the morning watching TV, and I’m vacuuming your room at 9am sharp” and I slam the door again. After which she climbs out her bedroom window and tells everyone I’m a witch and she refuses to come back. For two years. Fast forward two and 1/2 years. She gets pregnant. Big surprise. Everyone in the long lost family rallies around her pretending she never hurt anyone. she is 18 and will be 19 when the baby arrives. Everyone blames me for her disappearance and I am the ugh second wife, the outsider and the one that will never be forgiven. She starts coming around again, and I apologize to her and she to me. She comes by now and then but wont’ ever come in and visit with me, or ask how am I or anything. I figure nothing. I’m trying to do the right thing and make things right and i am cordial and kind and thoughtful. I get her two shower gifts for two showers, go to both showers and all seems fine. Except she wont’ come up to the door if I’m home without her father and she’ll sit in the car and wait. She will never have a one on one conversation with me and I don’t even notice well, yes, but not a big deal to me. So the baby is born and my husband and I are out of town. I am so excited. He gets angry with me for something stupid early in the day and when the baby arrives, he won’t let me say congratulations, he won’t let me celebrate with him, he’s shutting me out. I’m an outsider and I just became a grandma. I send her a text and say what is the babies name, she does not reply back, my husband texts her and within seconds, she answers him. I see a problem but am in denial. Back at home, we go see the baby and I get my photo taken with the baby and am so happy and then I see a HUGE floral teddy bear in her living room and a great big banner on the teddy bear says, “Proud Grandpa”. I’m hurt. okay, I’m starting to feel like I’m not a grandma. Fast forward baby is 2 months old. I run a daycare by day. Kassi is home during the day most of the time, and only needs help with the baby sometimes so I expect sooner or later the baby will come over and I will relish my moments as Grandma. That never happens. Something weird is happening and I can’t figure out why. When my husband, the proud grandpa is asked to take care of the baby, Madilynn, he picks her up himself from her
A: WOW that was a novel. No where in there do you say you love her. You dont seem to make any effort to have a real relationship with her. You dont talk to her. You get offended that she wont eat your dinners and actually wants to stay up watching tv….sounds like every teenager known to man. You want to reap the rewards of a relationship you never earned in the first place.She sounds like she was a brat too. Yeah. But I mean, all teenagers just want some independence and it made it so much harder to be in her split family relationship with step mom always offended at whatever she was doing. I mean, seriously. She stayed up late watching tv and didnt eat your dinner. So what. Id say forget about being grandma and work on loving her. Talking to her. And maybe even respecting her enough to ask HER why she doesnt get along with you and what you can do for her. (not what YOU think you should be doing, but what she tells you she needs..since you arent getting that figured out on your own)
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