Do your fingers swell when you’re pregnant

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Swollen fingers are often par for the course during pregnancy. 80% of pregnant women complain of swelling during pregnancy. [ Source: ]
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Do your fingers swell when you’re pregnant’re-pregnant
Swollen fingers are often par for the course during pregnancy. 80% of pregnant women complain of swelling during pregnancy.

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When you’re pregnant…………….HELP?
Q: is your uterus constantly cramping?? I’m a week late for my period and I feel SO sick! I’m experiencing every kind of cramp down there……it even feels like i may have diarheea sometimes. The thing is……i’ve taken over 8 pregnancy tests throughout the week and they all say i’m not pregnant. I’m EXTREMELY stressed so is the cramping from my period trying to start? What is going on? When i put my finger in my vagina it feels swollen at the top, unless it was always like that and im overreacting a little. But anyways back to my question……do you cramp like crazy around your “would be” period? Do you think I am really pregnant?
A: wait another few days annd take another test……..also try to stop stressing because it can also delay your period if you still have no period in a week call you doctor
Questions about ovarian cysts?
Q: I’ve been having some tummy pain for a while and noises coming from my it and the doctor sent me to do some tests. Today I went to do the ultrasound and pelvic one and I found out i’ve a large cyst in my left ovary. However the guy couldn’t do the vaginal test that lets you know for sure if it is a cyst -because you’ve to be sexually active as the tube they’ll stick inside you’ll break your hymen, so he couldn’t do it and of course I wouldn’t let him because i’m still a v and want to remain one till marriage. But from what he said it seems like a hemorrhagic cyst and he said it’s large, but it’ll go away on its own when it’ll rupture. Is this true and how long does it take to rupture? I feel the pain often and it’s uncomfortable. Does this also have anything to do with peeing? I drink lots of water in the first place, so i’ve always peed a lot, but recently it has increased and now when i pee it seems like my bladder’s never fully emptied, because i’ll go and a few minutes later i’ve to go pee again even though i just went. Does my frequent and never-emptied bladder have anything to do with the cyst? And when i pee i feel a sort of pressure on my lower belly. My tummy’s has been swollen for a while too and i know it’s not from food -i eat but not so much for it to well like this, like it sticks out almost like i’m a tiny bit pregnant. Should i do a second ultrasound again? I do believe the guy who did the ultrasound and do believe this’s a cyst as i’ve some of the symptoms, but i want to get a second opinion and also see if there’s anything else going on, i just have a gut feeling i should do another one. I also have a GI tract test to do to see what else’s going on with my body.Other questions: Does masturbating mean you’re sexually active? I’ve done it, but haven’t done it in a while and don’t plan on doing it again -i’m a christian and believe it’s a sin. Stone me oi you want to, but i’ve promised myself never to do it again. The man asked me if i was sexually active before doing the vaginal test to check for the cyst when i said no he couln’t go ahead, but then i’ve been wondering if you are if masturbated. I’ve never stuck anything down there, just my middle finger on the (four-letter-word), this’s embarrassing and that’s all i’ve done. I’m still a virgin, right? Don’t laugh. Do you think the cyst has anything to do with my masturbation? Also, the last time i was doing it, not long after i started that day, i felt a really bad pain for about 5 mins in my lower belly area. I’ve never felt before. Could that have been related to the cyst? Can cysts turn harmful, and because i’ve one right now, will i be susceptible to more in the future? Will this make it hard for me to have kids in the future? I’m 22. I’ll be seeing my Doc again, i just wanted to hear from people who’ve had similar experience with cysts and anyone else who can help with some insight on these questions. Sorry it’s kinda along, Thanks.
A: Your ovaries cannot be visualized by looking into the vagina (That’s why ovarian cancer is always found so late b/c there are very few common/easy ways to get a look at them). Your doctor would have to do a ultrasound, CT scan, MRI ect to see if you have one. And even if he did have to do a vaginal test the instrument he uses doesn’t always break the hymen. As a virgin I always request that the doc’s uses the smallest speculum (the instrument used) they have. They come in many different sizes ( I’ve seen some for infants….)As to your frequent urination it can be caused by the cyst putting pressure on your bladder making your have to go all the time.The type of cyst you have is relatively begin and may go away and rarely require surgical intervention.No the cyst has nothing to do with masturbation. And yes you still are a virgin. Masturbation (while not specifically mentioned in the bible) falls into the category of an unclean practice Colossians 3:5
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