Does a girl have to have to have her first period to become pregnant

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Yes. In order to become pregnant you will have to first release eggs and ovulate. This only happens after you start your period! [ Source: ]
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When can a girl first become pregnant can she get pregnant before…?
It’s one out of a million but it was heard of once. It depends on the age. Yes you can get pregnant before you’re first period. Many girls who haven’t had their first period give birth. It’s more than one in a million but I think it may dep…
Can a girl become pregnant before her first period?
Yes. This can occur because ovulation, or the release of an egg, may start up to two years before she actually begins her period.
When can a girl first become pregnant can she become pregnant bef…?
A girl’s first egg is released two weeks before her first period. You can become pregnant in that two-week period, but of course since the first period happens at the end of those two weeks, there is no way to know when that is, until the f…

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can a girl get pregnant before she has her first period? if her Hymen isnt broken yet?
Q: can a girl get pregnant before she has her first period? if her Hymen isnt broken yet? Im doing research and I cant find out this answer anywhere it regards rape and other forms of sexual abuse.I just need to know if a girl who’s a virgin and havent had sexual intercourse or had her menstral period can become pregnant.
A: No if she’s a virgin she can not get pregnant unless your talking about in vitro. A girl can get pregnant before her first period and if her hymen isn’t broken.
How long should I wait to ask the girl if she has had her period or not?
Q: Here’s the story.. I had sex with a girl on monday. I didn’t use a condom at first, but nothing happened. I then put on a condom and after a while I went, but I pulled out as I did and the condom slipped off and it went everywhere on the bed. Should i be worried that she could be pregnant..I was half drunk, but I’m positive that i didn’t cum in her. It may not have even gotten on her. I’m very very paranoid and take medicine just to go to sleep. If I get a girl pregnant, my life is going to drastically change for the worst. I can only pray that she doesn’t become pregnant. What do you people think??I mean, I may have cum on her alittle some how..??yea, i’m 18..She wasn’t random..I’ve known her for a long time but never done anything with her until now
A: Give it a month, then call to make sure everything is ok…she is probably freaking out too (unless she is also on the pill)…you may want to ask that next time..if there is one…and for all the scolding your getting…you do deserve it, but, so does she…it takes 2…Good Luck and maybe don’t drink enough to make bad decissions in the future!ok she wasn’t random call her and ask sooner!
Huh? Do you get this?
Q: A nine-year-old Singaporean student, who did not realise she was pregnant, gave birth to a boy after it became too late for her to abort the baby.Her horrified mother found out that her daughter was six-month pregnant when she took her to a doctor for what she thought was a urine infection.By that time, it was too late for the girl to go for abortion.The shocking case was made public at a seminar on youth relationships organised by Tamil cultural group Narpani Peravi and Republic Polytechnic last Saturday and was reported in Tamil Murasu on Sunday.The primary three student, who comes from a well-to-do family and lives in a private landed property, was made pregnant by her boyfriend from the same school back in 2004. She gave her baby boy up for adoption soon after giving birth. The child would be about three years old now.The girl was sent by her parents to a school in a nearby country, where she is currently in Primary Six. The boy was sent to a Reformative Training Centre soon after.According to The New Paper, the girl met her boyfriend in school and they had sex frequently in her home. All these time, her parents never suspected anything as they were out and working most of the time.And when she started gaining weight and had morning sickness, she didn’t suspect that she was pregnant. Neither did her teachers and friends, as the girl always tucked blouse out so no one in school could tell if she was pregnant..An early developer, she was about 1.3 metres tall and quite big-size for a girl her age. She reached puberty early and started menstruating when she was eight.A gynaecologist and an urologist told The New Paper that it is very unusual for a nine-year-old to give birth.Gynaecologist Ann Tan, who has 15 years experience, said she has never heard or seen any girl below 14 getting pregnant.”This is very frightening,” said Dr Tan, when told of the case.She said that girls reach puberty around 11 on average.Consultant urologist Damian Png, who has more than 10 years of experience, said boys usually reach puberty between 11 and 13.Once a boy reaches puberty, he will be able to produce sperm, and in so doing will be capable of impregnating a girl. He, however, notes that the average age of puberty has gone down.The youngest mother ever on record is Lina Medina from Peru. She was only five when she gave birth to a boy in May 1939. It was reported that she had her first period when she was only eight months old.Her son, named Gerardo, died from a bone marrow disease when he was 40 in 1979.
A: ok that’s weird i’m 9 too but I havn’t had a baby yet is that bad? LOL
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