Does a pregnancy test work on a guy

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Pregnancy tests do not work on men. The test looks for a special hormone in the urine or blood that is only there when pregnant. [ Source: ]
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Does a pregnancy test work on a guy
Pregnancy tests do not work on men. The test looks for a special hormone in the urine or blood that is only there when pregnant.
Can a pregnancy test work right after a guy ejaculates inside you…?
No. It takes 2 weeks after sex at the earliest to give an accurate result
How do pregnancy test work?
Pregnancy tests are easy to work and the way that they work is quite simple. You urinate on the stick and if there is hcg present in your urine, you get a positive result.

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How long does it take for pregnancy to show up on a home pregnancy test?
Q: I have two children already and neither one of the pregnancy showed on a HPT. The only way i knew I was pregnant was my period completely stop. My children have the same father, but now this is a totally different guy. My period has been not the same ever since he ejectulated in me a month ago, May 4th. Usually my period is heavy 2 days moderate 2 day and light one. Its been light 3days a dot on the forth and nothing on the fifth. I have taken several test, over the last month they all said negitive. I have been cramping, like I was with my second child, have had headaches, mood swings, burping, consipated and super sleepy. I get big really fast in pregnancy and I have a little bump thats making everyone ask me if I’m pregnant. I was wondering HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE FOR RESULTS TO SHOW UP ON HPT? What else should I do if the test have never worked for me before?Serious answers onlyand my boobs nave been a little sore
A: If the tests have not showed p in the past the best thing to do would be to consult your doctor. Most of the tests usually work the days after your missed period but for the most accurate result with the hpt its betetr to wot for at least 2 weeks. hope thuis helps you and good luck!
how reliable is a negative result on a urine pregnancy test? ive taken 3 one didnt work and rest came out?
Q: negative. i have missed two periods cant stop needing a wee and my appatite is rapidly growing lol!! do any of you guys know of anything other than pregnancy that could be causing all this?? or are these tests not completely reliable?? doc done a blood test today dont get my results until a week and cant wait that long lol!!thanks roy a! the wimp that knocked me up?? that would be the guy im still in a very strong relationship with and have one child with already thank you very much! i have been needing a wee more often too.
A: a urine test isn’t exactly reliable when they turn out to be negative. don’t worry-i’m in the same boat as you are. i’m 5 wks. late with my period and all 8 HPT’s and even a urine test done at the clinic has been negative….and i still don’t have my period, and i belive all were false negatives. a couple months ago, i also had a false-positive…so i really don’t trust at home pregnancy tests. your hormones could be imbalanced, or you body could have just not have ovulated. to be on the safe side-schedule yourself with an appointment to see your OB/GYN or clinic doctor. have him/her take a urine and blood serum sample and test each. the urine will take less than 15 minutes, whereas the blood serum can take up to 30 (but it’s much more reliable compared to urine). you should have your results back by now. blood doens’t take that long to process.Edit- also, some women do not produce enough of the pregnancy hormone hCG to be detected by tests. when my nan was pregnant with her first, the hCG wasn’t detectable until she was 6 1/2 months pregnant.
how do pregnancy tests work?
Q: i mean, do you just pee on it and it magically tells you your pregnant? i’m a guy so i don’t know too much about this nonesense. do you pee in a cup, and then pour that on it? do you dip it in the cup? do you pour pee into the tester? do you put the tester “into” yourself? i’m very confused here, please help me out
A: Lol. Good question. You take the stick and you pee on the tip, then you wait 3 minutes and if it detects HCG which is the hormone that shows you are pregnant, then it will come out positive, if thers no HCG in your urine then its either to early or you aren’t pregnant and it comes back negative. I guess you could do it either way. I’ve heard of people just holding the stick under their first morning urine (hcg level is the highest in first morning urine) or they pee in a dixie cup, lol, and stick the stick in there. Same results either way.
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