Does a woman have to be on her period to get pregnant

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It’s possible, but highly unlikely to get pregnant during your period. You’d have to have a very short menstrual cycle, which MORE [ Source: ]
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When is a woman most vulnerable to getting pregnant and can she g…?
A woman is most likely to become pregnant closest to ovulation, which on avg occurs 14 days from day 1 of her period. ChaCha on!
Can a woman get pregnant while on her period?
Yes, a woman can get pregnant while on her period although her chances of getting pregnant are very low. So if you are planning on conceiving a baby, your best bet is to try when you are not on your period.
Can a woman get pregnant right after her period?
You are most likely to get pregnant when you ovulate which occurs 10-14 days before your period. When you are ovulating you will notice that the mucus in your vagina will become thicker, clearer and stronger. You can also track your basal b…

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Can semen soak through a sanitary pad and possibly get a woman pregnant on her period?
Q: I know there is that clear part where it sticks to the woman’s underwear, so what are the chances of a woman getting pregnant?It wasn’t a whole load, a little bit got onto her gym shorts and it was a little higher up near her mons pubis. Do you think sperm could have soaked through her underwear and through the sanitary pad and swam up the blood to her vagina?
A: Ah! we are talking about great swimmers here….lolQuote:”Can sperm travel through clothing or material? If the clothing was completely saturated with semen and was in direct contact with a woman’s vagina, there is a very slight chance the sperm could enter the vagina, but this is highly unlikely. No conclusive studies have been found to give a definite answer on this possibility.”I would suggest you take a look at the website below!
Does a girl or woman have to be on her period to get pregnant?
Q: I was wondering because I know that you have to HAVE a period to get preg I just dont know if you have to be on your period to get a baby in your box?
A: Do you mean conceive during your period? Because that is the least likely time for you to conceive – although still possible. Or do you mean does a girl have to have had her first period before she can get pregnant? The answer is no – a female ovulates about 2 weeks before her period, so not having had a period yet is not an indication that she is not ovulating yet. Same goes for a woman who has not had her period again after childbirth.
Can a woman get pregnant if her period comes 8 hours after sexual intercourse?
Q: Hi, my boyfriend and I have just recently decided to have unprotected sex, and knowing we both were not ready for a child, he would do the withdrawal method. When he did the withdrawal method, he came right after he took came out. After the intercourse, my period arrived 8 hours later. My last period started on June 21, 2008. Is it possible for me to become pregnant? Could the pre- cum make me pregnant? Is the timing for my menstrual cycle to occur now right?Thank you for your answers.
A: A woman can get pregnant at any time of the month. Also, it is very easy to become pregant using the withdrawal method, the pre-ejaculate does contain sperm. You should be using condoms if you are not ready for a child. Or you need to go to planned parenthood and get birth control. You are not being safe.
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