Does Cam Gigandet have any kids

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Cam Gigandet is to wed his pregnant girlfriend, Dominique Geisendorff, it will be the first child for them both. ChaCha [ Source: ]
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Does cam gigandet have children?
yes. he has a daughter ; his girlfriend dominique have birth to her on Tuesday April 14,2009 . there is no name set for the baby girl yet.

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WTF CAM & DOM!?!??!???????? PLZ HELP ANSWER?????!!!?
Q: Ok i know that the little lucky skank Dominique Geisendorff is dating the hottest guy ever-Cam Gigandet. Soooo i heard that she cheated on him n got herself prego. then she went n said it was his kid n he thinks it is but it really isnt. is any of this true? r they thinking bout marriage? is the baby a boy or girl? when is the baby due? do they live together? does cam support her having a child? where do they live together bc if any of this is true im gonna need to beat the shit out of the cheating lying whore. who the hell cheats on Cam??? he’s is a god. <3 ok thx so much n plz answer as much of my questions as possible. BTW: Note- DO NOT TELL ME TO GOOGLE THIS CRAP WTH DO U THINK ID ASK YAHOO ANSWERS IF I DIDNT ALREADY TRY THAT!!! KK? THX!!!!!
A: Ok, this is what i know. She didn’t cheat on him. He cheated on her with Odette Yustman while filming The Unborn…obviously he didn’t love her that much if he cheated on her and c’mon look at Odette, she is a hot fox. So he and Dominique broke up…thank the lord….. However,Cam later broke up with Odette because Dominique made up stories and lies about Odette to get him back. While they were apart, ugly lame ass Dominique (hate that name btw) happened to get him to sleep with her and got pregnant ON PURPOSE so he could never leave her again. She doesn’t work and lives off Cam. She is only 23 yrs old and is now pregnant with his child. I think this was such a bad thing to happen to Cam for his career. He should’ve used a condom. This girl knew what she was doing to trap him. He needs to be with a successful, independent woman. Instead he is with a girl who sells her story to Star magazine to make money and sits at home while he makes the money. yuckkkkkiiieeeee….. and you should see how ugly Dominique is. Internet posts are calling her the sea monster she is so disgusting. I feel bad for Cam he has to be stuck to her forever.
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