Does cloudy pee mean you are pregnant

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Cloudy urine could be indicating a urinary tract infection. ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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Does it mean anything if your 5 months pregnant and your pee is c…?
Probably just that you need to drink more water. But make sure you are on the look-out for any other symptoms. UTI’s are painful and even more so when you are pregnant!
What does it mean if your urine is cloudy?
The cloudy urine could mean that you got infection in your urinary tract (kidneys, ureter/urethra or bowel). The pus from bacterial infection combined with urine will create some cloudy appearance on the urine. This is the most common cause…
Why do i have cloudy urine?
drink more water and get off the milk crap… should fix your problem in a snap. =] ♥♫♣

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pregnancy and peeing?
Q: can having cloudy pee mean you are pregnant and also chest pains does that have anything to do with it (i have spelling problems please dont write about age, waiting to have sex, and how i spelled something wrong, or anything off topic please) (including some other signs of pregnancy or what you got during the first few weeks/months would be cool)
A: I agree with the others here, cloudy urine is most likely a bladder infection (urinary tract infection). Some of the other symptoms include burning when you pee, lower back pain, and your urine having an unusual smell when you pee. These infections normally require an antibiotic to treat, so the sooner you get it checked the better. You can also be pregnant and get a UTI/bladder infection from what I read it is dangerous for the baby and a common factor that causes premature birth. So if you are thinking there is any chance of being pregnant as well, all the more reason to get it checked as soon as possible.
Could I be miscarrying?
Q: I am 11 weeks and 5 days pregnant today. The doctors will NOT see me because I live in FL and our Medicaid system is screwed up. I don’t have morning sickness or any other symptoms anymore. I keep getting cramps in my right side of my abdominal area. I have had a few problems going to the bathroom. I was constipated 2 weeks ago then with in a couple days had diarrhea. That’s all gone and I thought the pains were from that but now I’m having pain when I try to pee. I drank a gallon of cranberry juice in the last two days to see if it were a UTI but it doesn’t hurt coming out. It hurts on the inside of my stomach. The nurse who did my pregnancy test at the clinic said my pee was cloudy, I don’t know what that means. I just know I’m having cramps and I don’t know if it’s the baby or if it’s got something to do with other things in my stomach. Could some please help me. If you need more info ask and I can answer anything else. I don’t know what all I should put on here. PLZ and THX.I have no bleeding at all.
A: Sounds more like a UTI than a miscarriage. Also minor cramps can be your uterus growing. It feels like cramping, but if you pay attention you can tell it is actually stretching. Miscarriages usually present with major cramping and very heavy bleeding, esp. at 11+ weeks. Pregnancy symptoms like morning sickness should be going away now because the placenta has taken over hormone production for the baby. I very much doubt what you are going through is a miscarriage. Certainly doesn’t sound like it to me. Nothing here is really a miscarriage symptom. The cramping would be on both sides and through your back. Also it would be very bad. And there would be heavy bleeding. At 11 weeks it isn’t like miscarrying a “chemical pregnancy”. There are major symptoms.
what are the false pregnancy symptoms? (warning: not for ttc)?
Q: This is not a question.. but I posted this to “help” women who may be undergoing extreme pregnancy scare right now. I have been there.. and it sucks to find articles or forums that “does not make you feel better at all”.BASED ON EXPERIENCE… these were my EARLY “PREGNANCY” SYMPTOMS1. My boobs were UNUSUALLY bigger and FIRMER/FULLER at 3 days past ovulation. They were tingly sore when I was about to sleep in the evening of that day.2. 2 days after that, I had a HUGE BLOB of WHITE, thick vaginal discharge in my undies. I swear that when I touched it to “study” it.. it was super creamy.. there was no wet feeling on my fingers.. they were super intact and really not usual for me.3. The week after.. the WHITE CERVICAL MUCUS were just “flowing” you know.. I mean not really flowing like your period but I noticed that I had a lot of them and they were “wetter”. They were stretchy.. as in I can stretch them up to 2 inches! But once they’ve been stretched its like they start to become tacky. it has no odor.. it’s white.. milky.. cloudy..4. At 9 days past ovulation, I took both a blood test.. and a urine test (both negative).. Also during this day.. I woke up WITH SORE BOOBS.. BACK PAINS.. DIZZINESS THAT LASTED THE WHOLE DAY! And I was warm.. I didnt have fever.. but the feeling like ur warm because of a flu.. my eyes were warm.. and sting a bit. I felt this for about three consecutive days. When I ask people to touch me.. they said i was fine.. but i really felt warm inside.5. ALSO AT 9dpo, MY LINEA NIGRA WAS SHOWING!!! I really have a linea nigra even if i havent been pregnant before.. they show when my period’s up. but it was just too early to be showing in its darkest color you know.. i totally freaked.6. at 11 days past ovulation.. I had a urine test.. negative.. it was also during this day that I started seeing BLUE VEINS on my breasts. They’re not that dark but yeah I CAN TRACE THEM!Not only that! I also had running blue veins on my thighs and arms. I never noticed them to be as dark..7. at 2 days before my period (13-14 dpo).. I felt that “all other preg symptoms just came”. I woke up at 4am feeling sharp pains in my cervix area.. I had mild cramps the night before.. as if my period was about to start.. I could totally swear that i was pregnant.8. 1 day before period..(15dpo) I resisted taking a test.. because i didnt want it to give me false negative / false hope… but I was 95% convinced that it’s gonna turn up positive..RED VEINS (small, thin but very visible) WERE UP AT MY SHOULDERS!! And when i search for them in my thighs i start to find them and i always thought.. “was this here before?” and i freak out each time i “discover” them..9. DAY OF PERIOD. when i woke up in the morning.. i really felt pregnant.. bloated.. linea nigra check. big firm boobs check, blue chest veins check, red shoulder and thigh veins check.. dizziness check. i refused to take a test and wait one more day for more accuracy..So..I stayed in bed until past 1pm. Then I decided to eat “brunch”.. then saw a movie on dvd.. i was still feeling scared.. so i went to a room in my house and just started to cry.. which was a very very good cry for me.. (this wasnt the first cry i had because of this. I cried when I first saw my chest veins.. I cried when I saw my linea.. I cried in every symptom. LOL)after the tears were wiped.. I went to the bathroom to pee.. and there i saw a fresh drop of period is here.. as in I actually have my period! I couldnt believe it (or i could.. because up until the end.. i was clinging to the 5% of not being preg)————————————–…So what am I trying to say?I dunno. Just that our minds.. and bodies.. really have their way of tricking us. when we suspect we’re pregnant.. we should HONESTLY JUST WAIT until the very end to TEST if we really are.. I wasted THE WHOLE MONTH trying to convince myself that i was pregnant.. thinking about how my mom would kil me.. etc’s a total waste..I am not actually underaged.. but I just know that I was not ready. Oh cmon.. you’ve been there.————————————–…BUT THERE WAS A GOOD THING THAT CAME OUT OF THIS WHOLE THING.You see when you are in a situation that has the potential of CHANGING YOUR LIFE FOREVER.. (like having a baby) you will actually find time to evaluate your capabilities as a person. When I thought I was pregnant.. I knew I was not yet ready.. emotionally.. financially. BUT I thought.. that having a baby can actually change me. you know.. as a person. I started to think of the different strategies I would do, should I be blessed with a baby. I WAS WILLING TO GIVE UP EVERYTHING JUST FOR MY BABY. despite all the hurt.—————-so be more responsible next time. God bless!
A: That is actually very nice of you, thank you, maybe this will help some who arent sure:-) GOD BLESS~~~~
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