Does everybody snore

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Many healthy people snore once in awhile. Some people, though, snore most of the time. Not everybody is known to snore, or if nobody ever wakes us up to tell us, how would we know. ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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Does everybody snore?

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Does everybody snore?
A: No
What is the good method to stop snoring?
Q: Dear everybody, could you please help me how to stop snoring when sleeping.I have sleep apnea, and it is really annoy for my partner, and I don’t know what to do? I already tried to use over the counter stop snoring spray, but it did not work. Please give me good advice, thanks a lot.Kiddo.
A: If you know you have sleep apnea it means you have been tested by a doctor. Why on earth didn’t he get you a CPAP machine. That took care of my problem. When you have sleep apnea you stop breathing in your sleep. It will stop the snoring and help you breath.
could i get fired for getting drunk after work not on company time?
Q: i had little more to drink one night and i work out of town i do construction work . one of the foremans said i snore to loud so that night i kind of got little wasted and they fired me next day can they do that.When everybody there at work drinks everyday.
A: Unless you have a contract that says you can only be fired for cause, you are probably an “at will” employee, which means they can fire you for any reason or no reason (except for discrimination based on sex, race, religion, etc.)
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