Does fatigue always mean your pregnant

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Most of the time, fatigue can be traced to one or more of your habits or routines.Only sometimes is it a severe med issue. ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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Does fatigue always mean your pregnant
Most of the time, fatigue can be traced to one or more of your habits or routines.Only sometimes is it a severe med issue. ChaCha!

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I’m beginning to doubt I’m pregnant (Long) what do you think?
Q: O_O<— Exactly how I feel right now. My body is playing so many tricks on me I don’t know what to think. Ok so here’s all thats happened. My LMP was February 3rd and it lasted 7 days like usual and came right on time like it always does ; Very heavy the first day to the 4th day then it gets light forn the 5th to the 6th then it stops the 7th day and my cramping are always the first 2 days. Me and my BF had sex while I was ovulating and the condom broke. Ok So my next period was supposed to be on March 4th. (Cycles are every 30 days) and It did not however, I took a pregnancy test the day before (3rd), Because my breast had been hurting since the 25th and they usually hurt the day before my period starts. So that test was A BFN. So I decided to wait and see if my period was just being late. No stress no worries at that time. I decided to try another one on the 9th it came back as a BFN. So Then I was thinking ok I guess somethings up with me. I decided to convince myself I was not pregnant. Then (BAM) on the 12th I had this brown blood on my underwear. So I’m thinking ok maybe my period is starting. Even though my periods always started heavy with killer cramping. I then come to realize that the blood could only be seen when I was peeing and wiping. the first two days it was a reddish brown mucus like texture that came down in long stringy drops. and I only had like 2-3 then it would stop. and all that would be on my pantie liner would be brown. so I’m thinking this is a funky period. first no cramps, then lite bleeding. I’m thinking, Alright AF is giving me a break this month. So the third day the bleeding gets a very light pinkish-red (when I go to pee) color and it’s watery and only came down in like 2-3 drops again so I’m like ok this isn’t normal. Still no cramps and it’s getting lighter and it’s only been day 3. My period usually last 7 days. i’m thinking WTH? Any way the final day it’s completely brown and it basically stopped by the end of the night. All I was thinking was this was a short cycle until I read about implantation bleeding. How it can take 4 weeks after your LMP to occur then I started thinking maybe I’m pregnant.. I mean I still had the bloating and the sore breasts, the frequent urination and the fatigue and the small spells of nausea and today I had clear fluid come out of my breast when I pinced my nipple also i’m still having some CM and usually after a period I’m dry down there, so why not? Thus, yesterday I took my last First response test and it was a BFN. So I’m like WTH? . I’m very confused right now and finally worried. I scheduled a doctors appointment for Monday, but it’s at a clinic (Planned parenthood) and I know all their going to do is give me another urine test. and I’ll probably get another BFN . I’m just wondering if this had happened to someone else. Because I’m starting to think I’m not pregnant (Which is probably the case). and that this maybe some kind of hormonal inbalance. I really need a second opinion before I go to the doctors. I mean I wasn’t TTC, but it would be better (in my opinion) to hear your pregnant than to hear you have a hormonal imbalance or another problem. Maybe that’s just me. But I’m finally worried about it. I’m trying no to stress and it’s working, but I’m looking for some one with a similar experience. what do you all think???Never been on the pill, shot or none of that. I’m worried now but before all this happened my life style was same old same old. But thanks for your comments I will talk to the doctor about this.Tahnk you for reassuring me now I’m positive I can’t be pregnant. It’s actually a relief.
A: The bottom line is there is no such thing as a little pregnant, and the HGH would show up no matter where the fetus had implanted, the fact that you don’t have any showing up leads me to believe that you are NOT pregnant. Periods get screwed up all the time! Are you extra stressed right now? Have a new girl move into the house that is throwing off your cycle? Been exercising like crazy and loosing weight? Switch birth controls? Been drinking a new kind of energy drink? Anything can throw off a period, and it could be as minor as you lost weight, or as major as you have an ovarian cyst which would cause the slight bleeding you describe. Bottom line, don’t freak about being pregnant, you probably aren’t, but do make an OBGYN appointment to have an ultrasound done of your uterus just to be sure your ovaries are fine. And even if by some slim change you are prego right now and it isn’t showing up, there is nothing you can do to harm the baby in the first 35 days, not even if you drank and took morphine. So cheer up, don’t wig, tell your Dr. you need an emergency appointment for abnormal bleeding, and go with the flow (No pun intended) 🙂
Is there a possibility I could still be pregnant?
Q: So After a week of having sex I started having what felt like period cramps and have lasted up until now. my last period started on Nov. 24. I have always been on time even when I thought I was pregnant before I started on time. I started having sore breast nipples got darker and you could start to see green vains through my boobs “sorry for the TMI” I had nausea and peeing a lot more and eating more. Fatigue and dizziness and was like I’m sure am pregnant. Today I went to the bath room and I got what I thought was my period, but it was like a mixture of discharge and blood but light blood? What does this mean that I started or could I still be pregnant? I was like I got my period and my sister in law and best friend was like it might not be your period, it could be pregnancy bleeding??? Please help am confused?!?!?
A: Sometimes in early pregnancy, sex can irritate the cervix and cause bleeding. I doubt that this would be implantation bleeding because it is so far away from your ovulation date. You can bleed for all sorts of reasons when you are pregnant. On a more negative note, you could be miscarrying. If your discharge is stringy and thick there is a chance that this could be tissue that you are passing. You need to take a pregnancy test to find out if you are pregnant in the first place. Then if you continue to bleed tomorrow, make a doctors appt so that they can see if you are miscarrying. Sometimes they can stop it if you get in there soon enough. You usually get a few warning bleeding days, but if you are you will want to know to brace yourself for the emotional and physical pain.
Will you help me make my “Pregnancy Rules” list ladies?
Q: I’ve been so amazed at the things that come out of people’s (mostly women’s) mouths since I found out I was pregnant, I decided to make a list of rules that will hang somewhere in my house. So far, I’ve made five but I wanted input from the rest of you! Thanks :)1. If I cry, it doesn’t ALWAYS mean it’s because of “hormones.” I am allowed to legitimately get upset during this 9 month period.2. You rub my belly, I rub yours.3. Please – don’t try to scare me into taking your ridiculous advice. Example – “You’re going to have to learn how to change a diaper on your lap, you HAVE to breastfeed if you want your child to do well in school, You absolutely need to read ‘What to Expect’ during your pregnancy or you’ll be lost, etc”4. Don’t be rude about the gender of my unborn child – (especially if you’re just trying to get rid of your hand me downs for the opposite gender, that’s why there is Goodwill)5. Just because you’re not currently dealing with frequent urination, bloating, heartburn, fatigue and relentless constipation(or didn’t experience it during your pregnancy) … doesn’t mean I’m exaggerating my own symptoms.Anything else? :)No, “NaNa”… Apparently being pregnant gets you too much attention, which is why I get frustrated. It’s just nice to hear I’m not alone.
A: In response to some of your “answers”- No, I have never ever changed a diaper on my lap and I have a 2 year old, so no, you do not need to know this and not every mother does it!!! Second of all, I do not think you sound like you are looking for attention. The same exact things drove me insane the first time I was pregnant. I am expecting my second daughter this April and things haven’t gotten to me this time quite as bad as last, maybe because I learned to brush more off or maybe people figure I’m not new to this so they don’t offer up as much forced advise. I agree 100% with all of your points and most of the good answers you got. Don’t let these women on this thread be snippy to you. If they didn’t have something useful to say, they shouldn’t have “answered.”
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