Does hpv cause infertility

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Women with one of the most common sexually transmitted diseases may have a much harder time getting pregnant using…More? [ Source: ]
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Does Hpv Cause Infertility?
No, HPV does not cause infertility. Women can get pregnant if they have HPV. Infertility is more related with other sexually transmitted diseases like chlamydia and gonorrhea which can cause pelvic inflammatory disease if remain untreated….
Can hpv cause infertility?
HPV itself doesnt cause you to be infertile in some cases if its not treated it can turn into various forms of cancer. The cancer and the treatment can cause infertility. So remember always protect yourself. For more information see here: h…
Can Hpv cause you to be infertile?
hey this might sound a lil silly but get a mirror and open ur vagina and look up in there and if you see white bumps or big patches of white thats warts more than likely cuz that what mine looked like that was up inside me im just tryin to …

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Does the HPV vaccine cause infertility?
A: No, there is no way that it could… But cervical cancer can cause infertility, so you should definately get the vaccine.
Can genital warts cause infertility?
Q: I was diagnosed with HPV genital warts. Could this type of HPV cause infertility?Can the doctor do a test to see what strain I have?
A: Through my research, it does not appear that HPV causes infertility.
Is there a test to see which strain of HPV you have?
Q: I was sexually assaulted and infected with genital warts. I want to find out if I only have the low-risk strain or if I also have the high-risk strain. I went to Planned Parenthood and they said they do not have the test available.If I went to an actual real gynecologist office, would they have an HPV test?Is there a test to see if you have a high-risk strain and to determine what specific strain(s) you have?Also, what is a pap smear? Do they have to take a sample and send it out to see if there are any cancerous lesions? I went to a gynecologist awhile back and they just put a devise in my vagina. They never took any samples or sent it to be tested.Should I be having samples testes? Please help me. I am very worried about my HPV causing infertility.
A: if your pap smear results are abnormal, indicative of HPV infection, then they forward your sample off to see if it contains virus DNA. your results from that should say if you have a high risk strain. but warts are caused by low risk strain…meaning low risk for cancer. if i were you i would consider getting the hpv vaccine because it protects against four different kinds of hpv. now a pap smear is different from a colposcopy. sometimes if your pap smear comes back abnormal then they will tell you to get a colposcopy, that is a biopsy where they can look insides you and take out samples, or remove cancerous lesions or warts. usually this requires a referral. as far as infertility, i can’t recall but i would just google it or ask a GYN/OB
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