Does Izzy have cancer on Grey’s Anatomy

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Izzie has cancer, she’s not pregnant. The girl that did the blood test made a mistake. [ Source: ]
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Which episode of Grey’s Anatomy does Izzy get diagnosed with canc…?’s-anatomy-does-izzy-get-diagnosed-with-cancer
Izzie discovers she has metastatic melanoma (Stage IV) in season 5 episode 17 “I Will Follow You Into the Dark” of Grey’s Anatomy.

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Q: does anyone know what illness she has: like cancer?
A: i was thinking leukemia b/c it was genetic and her daughter had it. but her symptoms are more neurological but then she got a skin biopsy, so i dont have a clue.
in grey’s anatomy what happens to george and izzy?
Q: in season 6 what happened between GEORGE AND IZZY(THE BLOND GIRL) SPOILERS LOTS OF IT I DON’T MIND AT ALL! DOES ANYBODY DIE AND WHY i saw something on youtube where izzy looks like she has cancer and George burned all over and then dies or becomes a solideror something please be spspecific thank you
A: George got hit by a truck trying to save some girl as he pushed her out of the way. He dies.Izzy has cancer and lives. It comes back on Thursday so watch it and fill in the rest for yourself.
Help with Grey’s Anatomy :)?
Q: I just watched greys anatomy season 6 episode 4 and Bailey said to Meredith ‘I’ve had 4 interns on this table. One died and one had cancer so don’t pull anything funny’ or something like that. I know that Izzy had cancer and George died and the other 2 are Meredith and Christina. But why did Christina have surgery ?I don’t remember her being on the operating table..Thanks if you help 🙂
A: Remember Dr. Burke? Well, she got pregnant before and she kept it a secret then collapsed at work learned she had an ectopic pregnancy, which had to be aborted.As for the icicle, she wasn’t put on the operating table so it doesn’t really count, it was easily removed by Owen.
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